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Draw will take place in 23th february and games start in september 2014.
Estonia are in 4th pot and best three of group gets through. Is it our biggest chance of history? :)

Seeding Pots:

1 - Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, England, Greece, Portugal, Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina;
2 - Sweden, Ukraine, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ireland;
3 - Serbia, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Israel, Norway, Slovakia, Austria and Montenegro;
4 - Armenia, Poland, Scotland, Finland, Latvia, Wales, Bulgaria, Estonia and Iceland;
5 - Belarus, Northern Ireland, Albania, Lithuania, Moldova, FYR Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Cyprus.
6 - Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands

Easiest group

From pot 1:
Portugal or Greece - Both teams aren`t very stabile againt teams like us. Portugal depens only from Ronaldo and and teams who doesn`t score a lot like Greece is, are suitable for us.

Pot 2

Ofcourse Hungary or Ireland. Need to revenge for both teams, but prefer Ireland

Pot 3

Slovakkia. No question, as showed their last games against Armenia, Liechtenstein, Latvia and Lithuania

Pot 4

Pot 5
Lithuania/Moldova. But ofcourse Northern Ireland will be also cool

Pot 6. Our only game with San Marino was 11 years ago and we lost 0:1. Personally I`ve waited for long long time to meet with them. Just to see how many goals we can score against them

And Group of death

1. Well... Spain, Netherland, Germany
6. Kasasthan

Most attractive group
still San Marino

And most unattractive
2.Croatia FTW! Have been together in one group three times + have played several friendlies
3.Turkey/Serbia - same story+travelling stuff and uncomfortable playing style
4. Estonia
5. Macedonia - Balkan, Balkan, Balkan....
6. Andorra - 4 times in group+5-6 friendlies from 90s
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