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Euro 2008 Poland - Austria 12/06

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I've just finished watching Euro studio on Polsat and didn't really like it.

Lots of moaning about Blaszczykowski's absence, about Golanski's new position, Zurawski's mysterious injury etc. Generally everyboby's bloody disappointed with the fact the Germans were a better side.

I can understand that. Still, basing my opinion on today's matches, I firmly believe that even without Blaszczykowski and with Golanski we can beat both Austria and Croatia. It's not gonna be easy, but let's just do it ;)

My team for Austria game:

Boruc - Golanski, Bak, Zewlakow, Wasilewski - Roger, Dudka, Lewandowski, Krzynowek, Zurawski - Smolarek

If Leo trusted Golanski, he should stick to this choice now. Lobodzinski wasn't bad, but he's less versatile than our other attacking players.

A win means it's all in our hands. A draw gives us hope unless Germany lose to Croatia. A loss means we're out unless Germany beat both Croatia and Austria by more than two goals.
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Sorry guys but this team looked better at qualifiers. Oh well. I'm done yelling/complaining perhaps lol. Let the Polish football fix it self up.
Goodbye Euro 2008 for Poland.
I say there is not much surprise at least to who have gone through from this group.
A bit of surprise is Poland handling their games compared to qualifiers.
Aside from that, goodluck to Polish NT.
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