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Goalkeepers for Euro 2008 (pick 3)

Euro 2008: Goalkeepers

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As per HajdukSplit's suggestion lets do something that was done in Cro forum before Euro 2004 when HajdukSplit was an FM. Threads are created by positions in the team, polls are added and people discuss and vote on who they'd pick in each position and why. Here are examples from then: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Strikers

At the that time cro forum wasn't really big or active so these threads weren't really a success then, but HS thinks and i agree with him as well that with all the activity there is now in cro forum these threads might provide some interesting discussions. So lets kick off with goalkeepers. Defenders, midfielders and strikers polls will follow.
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I picked Pleti, Runje and Kresic.

Pleti and Runje have been with us throughout the campaign and have been fine. I know people have given Runje some flack but what goal was really his fault in the past two years. I remember one goal against BiH he was a little to far out and the ball got by him. More of a problem with the defenders in front of him.

I would also pick Kresic, we have to start grooming a young GK, Kresic plays on a good team in a good league and has played well in the Uefa cup. He would be the 3rd keeper so he wouldn't be a liability on our team at all.
I dont know enough about Skender or Kresic to say go there...but if they are to be the goalies of our NT future then maybe one of them should go in the 3rd spot...just honestly dont know much about them
I'm with Cro Batman on the opinion that the third goalkeeper should be a youngster. Galinovic should only be called up if an emergency happens (either Pletikosa or Runje are out for the tournament)

Though, I chose Subasic, he was very good for the U21's and one of the better keepers in the HNL. He is the one HNL goalkeeper who I believe could play in a good club in Europe right now
i am with eduardo on this one
galinovic has been doing well in greece for years and he deserves to be the 3rd. pletikosa and runje are no brainers for first two picks.

ps the defenders, midfielders and strikers polls will get take some time for the poll options to be decided and all. i rushed this one :embarass:
I dont rate Runje at all. In fact i wouldnt even put him on the squad.
I tend to like to like my goalies nimble and big. I'm not a fan of Runje and Pletikosa. So , I choose elsewhere. I went for youth over experience, mainly. But i do like the other 4 goalies on this list better. I've seen only videos of Kresic but I was impressed by his play(plus we need someone on the team from Vukovar). I've only seen Galinovic play for the national team but I liked what I saw. As for Subasic, I think he will one day be the national teams goalie. He moves better than any goalie I've ever seen play for Croatia.
Pletikosa, Galinovic and Kresic.

I don't see why Runje should be included he has had several chances with the NT and hasn't impressed at all, plus it's not likely the second keeper is going to play, let alone the third. Why not give this opportunity to a young keeper to get a feel for the NT like Kresic.
Even though I'm not overwhelmed with the standard of any of our keepers I'd take:
Pletikosa - standard no.1
Runje - seems to be in good form and our no.2, can pull off miracles but at the same time can throw it all away.
Subasic - as a young and potential keeper I see taking over from Pletikosa in the future.

Galinovic was a close decission with Runje but I took Runje because of his status.
Kresic I know absolutly nothing about.
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