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as the Euro 2004 is less than 6 months away, I thought of making a thread to keep a close eye on the English players in the EPL (and Owen Hargreaves in Germany & Beckham in Spain),
whether they are England regulars, or new ones to the England camp, or who aren't yet capped, to watch the young who could make an impact (like Owen in 1998 and Rooney in the past year or so)

discuss the other teams in the group (France, Switzerland, & Croatia)

and also :
to judge them, discuss whether they deserve to be called-up, discuss (and argue :tongue: ) who are the best players for every position, blah blah blah, Iguess we got the picture now ;)

I'll start with our favorite player, Michael Owen, been out for quite a while, I'm fearing that his old injuries are back to him, he's showing signs though of getting back to fitness, and almost scored against Wolves the other day, I admit that I'm biased, but if he gets injured in the closing stages of the season, God knows how England would survive in their group..

another issue, who'll partner Owen upfront (assuming he's fit then) Heskey, Rooney, Beattie, Phillips :tongue: , Alan Smith, or even scholes, which I guess he played sometimes for Manu alongside RvN

many other subjects to discuss about, who'll be the central defenders, should Kirkland or Robinson replace James in goal, who will play on the left flank (in PES2 Dyer is really good on the left flank, quick & has a great pace, is he really that quick in reality? :confused: )

feel free to discuss and bring up another subjects, but please, don't turn this into a gloating & sarcastic thread (some England & Turkish threads spring up to mind :rolleyes: )
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