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Hi guys! i need your help, i'm doing a poll with my friend here in montreal about the euro 2000(no money involved). i have to predict the final position of each teams.and give the 3 bests scorers of the tournement

here's my picks:

Group A:England,Portugal,Germany,Romania
Group B:Italy,Belgium,Sweeden,Turkey
Group C:Spain,Yougolavia,Norway,Slovenia
Group D:France,Netherlands,Czech Rep,Denmark

Quarter finals

Portugal-Italy, England-Belgium, Spain-Netherlands, France-yougoslavia,


Portugal-France, England-Netherlands





Tournement's best scorers

Kluivert, Shearer, Raul

let me know what you think about my picks.

of course, i hope Portugal wins it all, but with Baia not at is best, i,m a bit worried about our defence.

Well I fancy Zahovic to hit Euro 2000 by storm. I reckon Slovenia will cause an upset and finish 2nd in Group C.

Group C: Spain, Slovenia, Norway, Yugoslavia

PS. Can't wait to see Drulovic and Zahovic play against each other (if Drulo can get into team of course, but I suspect he will come on as a sub frequently)

Otherwise I agree with all of your other predictions :)

I'm hoping on:

1) Portugal
2) Germany
3) England
4) Romania

I think it will be:

1) England
2) Portugal/Germany
3) Germany/Portugal
4) Romania

I'd love to see Zahovic score many goals at Euro 2000, but Slovenia is facing teams that are a class above them, so scoring could be difficult.
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