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I’m creating a new English football website called extraordinary world. Our site is being launched on May 4th and
you will be able to find us at www.extraordinaryworld.com from the end of April (we have a small holding page up

In the build-up to Euro 2000 this summer we are trying to find some views of the tournament from fans of the
countries who are taking part. I would love to know what people in this forum think. Contributions are welcome from
anyone and everyone whose team will be at Euro 2000.

I have listed the questions below that we're most interested in. If anyone would like to share their views with us and
our users please email me at [email protected] - or stick you responses up here on the forum.




1. Do you believe your country can win Euro 2000?

2. Is there one special player from your country we should look out for?

3. Does the average football supporter in your country care more about their club team or their national team?

4. What sort of fans from your country do you think will be at Euro 2000 — fans who want to party? Older fans?
Younger fans? Hooligans?

5. Are there any fan rituals or traditions that we should look out for from your fans this summer?

6. Are there any funny or strange songs which your fans sing at games?

7. anything else you want to tell us?

Many thanks for taking the time to answer our questions

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I'm from Belgium, but there is no forum for us so I will answer your questions here.

1) No way we can win it

2) Look out for Lokonda "Emile" M'penza. Many people are going to be amazed when they see him.

3) We definitaly care more about our club team, but we also say that de rode duivels have 10.000.000 coaches.

4) Just average people. No hooligans, but no real fans either. there will be a lot of so called fans who got their ticket from some game or from the company they work at.

5) nope

6) nope

7) The Belgian squad that is going to start will suck big time. This is not because there are no great belgian players, but because our national coaches have a tradition of not selecting skilled players. Worldclass players as Nilis, Degryse, Baseggio... probably won't be in the squad!

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I'm from Wales and follow the English team and English leagues (as well as the Welsh obviously).

1) Nope unless Kegan picks the team that I suggest. Neville, Southgate, Shearer and Seaman should not start but will.
2) 3 players to look out for if given the chance are Heskey, Dyer and Gerrad.
3) Our club team definately.
4) The usual English mix of holligans unfortunately. :(
5) Nope.
6) Footballls coming home obviously and I liker the one that goes you can shove your fuc*ing Seaman up your ass.
7) Youngsters should be given an oppurtunity and Kegan may do it. Heskey and Owen are on form so watch out.

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