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I’m creating a new English football website called extraordinary world. Our site is being launched on May 4th and
you will be able to find us at www.extraordinaryworld.com from the end of April (we have a small holding page up

In the build-up to Euro 2000 this summer we are trying to find some views of the tournament from fans of the
countries who are taking part. I would love to know what people in this forum think. Contributions are welcome from
anyone and everyone whose team will be at Euro 2000.

I have listed the questions below that we're most interested in. If anyone would like to share their views with us and
our users please email me at [email protected] - or stick you responses up here on the forum.




1. Do you believe your country can win Euro 2000?

2. Is there one special player from your country we should look out for?

3. Does the average football supporter in your country care more about their club team or their national team?

4. What sort of fans from your country do you think will be at Euro 2000 — fans who want to party? Older fans?
Younger fans? Hooligans?

5. Are there any fan rituals or traditions that we should look out for from your fans this summer?

6. Are there any funny or strange songs which your fans sing at games?

7. anything else you want to tell us?

Many thanks for taking the time to answer our questions

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I can answer some of those questions, but as I haven't been in Yugoslavia, I wont be able to answer them all...

1. Yes(I think I'm the only one here)
2. Mateja Kezman(Partizan Belgrade), will be the one to supprise Europe with his play :)
3. I think they would all rather see Yugo do well in the EURO(win the whole damn thing) that their club.
4. Party Fans!(I doubt it, but there may be some hoolingans)
5. sorry, I dont know :(
6. " " "
7. I think we would all love to see Yugo demolish England that any other team :)

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1. I hope, but don't believe.. :(

2. I can't decide, one of the three - Stankovic, Kovacevic or Mijatovic

3. Wouldn't have a clue...

4. Probably younger fans, but no organized groups (like hooligans)

5. Since there will be no organized groups, I guess not..

6. Not really...

7. WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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1. Yes I do.

2. Mihajlovic, Stankovic, Kezman, Mijatovic, Kovacevic and Drulovic. Sorry its hard to point out just one.

3. Hopefully the national team.

4. I think a mixture of both young and old. The good thing about soccer is that it brings people of all ages together. And if Yugo make the final and win then young and old will party hard. Hopefully no hooligans.

5. Just the usual singing, drinking and swearing. We're a pretty proud and loud bunch of people.

6. Not that I know of, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is.

7. As mentioned previously beating England would be fantastic (we want our revenge for bombing us). And beating Holland in front of their home crowd would be terrific. Especially since they knocked us out of the last World Cup.
The most important and memorable moment would be winning the Euro. It would mean so much to the people of our nation who have been through so much. To some soccer(euro) is all they have left to be happy about. Thanks.

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ZIVELA SRBIJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. yes i believe we can win but we need a small dose of luck in order to achieve that
2. mihajlovic, milosevic, kovacevic and the talented player who is the future of yugoslav soccer mateja kezman.
3. at the moment our club football is very low but still my red star remains in my heart as a favorite club, though national team is something completly different. there we have emotions and national feelings and it's the question of our homeland.
4. there will be a loads of yugo people on the euro 2000(lots of yugo people live in holland, belgium, germany etc). not many hooligans will go but some for sure.
5. nothing particular
6. we like to mention opponents mothers and sisters and to swear to them all the time but usualy nobody understands this. also, maybe sounds strange we could be very fair and applaud to the rivals.
7. i hope that politics will not interfere on the euro 2000 because currently nobody on the world wants that yugoslavia wins the EURO even tough is very possible.
regards and i wish you successful work.

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here are my answers.


2.Kovacevic and Stankovic and maybe Mijatovic

3.We had a debate on this not to long ago and everyone almost said club but i say country.

4.I dont think there will be hooligans.I think it will be mainly younger fans.

5.no not really

6.I dont think so

7.We might not win but we still are dangerous.

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1) YES,YES and YES :) :) :)

2) The whole YUGOSLAVIAN squad :) :) :)

3) I would say the national team,

4) There won't be any hooligans, it would be a mixture of fans young and old!

5) I don't know

6) Not really, not sure

7) YUGOSLAVIA will win euro2k!!!!!!!!!

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To Everyone Who has responded - huge thanks for your replies. The passion you have for football and your national team is fantastic. You have been by far the most passionate fans in replying to our questions. I hope that you enjoy Euro 2000 and that the football on the pitch matches the colour and atmosphere off.

If anyone has any other answers to our questions they are very welcome to contribute - the more the better.

our web site will be up and live from May 4th, and we'll start running features on Euro 2000 - including your views and comments - later in May.

Many thanks, fellow fans of football!

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