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I’m creating a new English football website called extraordinary world. Our site is being launched on May 4th and
you will be able to find us at www.extraordinaryworld.com from the end of April (we have a small holding page up

In the build-up to Euro 2000 this summer we are trying to find some views of the tournament from fans of the
countries who are taking part. I would love to know what people in this forum think. Contributions are welcome from
anyone and everyone whose team will be at Euro 2000.

I have listed the questions below that we're most interested in. If anyone would like to share their views with us and
our users please email me at [email protected] - or stick you responses up here on the forum.




1. Do you believe your country can win Euro 2000?

2. Is there one special player from your country we should look out for?

3. Does the average football supporter in your country care more about their club team or their national team?

4. What sort of fans from your country do you think will be at Euro 2000 — fans who want to party? Older fans?
Younger fans? Hooligans?

5. Are there any fan rituals or traditions that we should look out for from your fans this summer?

6. Are there any funny or strange songs which your fans sing at games?

7. anything else you want to tell us?

Many thanks for taking the time to answer our questions

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Country is The Netherlands!!

1) We WILL win it :)

2) Remember the name Patrick Kluivert!
Also take a good look out for, if he will be reccovered from a bad injury, Ruud van Nistelrooij.
And I truly hope if he will play, Marc van Hintum!!
Go Marc!!

3) I think more club-dedicated, but I am not sure of course.

4) There will be a huge amount of fans, since it will be held in Holland, so there will be alot of different fans, but mostly of course just party-animals!
I think that there wont be any riots to be expected from us Dutch fans, or we have to face Germany in one of the finals! :)

5) Just look at us, and you will know.
If you see orange-coloured fans, you will know they are Dutch :)

6) Yes, of course, but I dont think you would understand.
For instance of course "Hup Holland Hup"....
And maybe, there will be a new song aswell, called, "Dennisbier" :)

7)I just hope that Holland will do a great job, and repeat the '88 history!

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Good luck for the site. Now let's go with answers regarding Italy:

1. Aye! If all the other teams start drinking massive pints of Stella Artois or Heineken.

2. Aye! Look out for Gigi Buffon. I'm afraid he's going to be Italy's best player.

3. About club team. Italians don't like to suffer very much.

4. Fans who want to party? Yeah, perhaps before a game. Afterwards, I don't know.

5. Aye! Big boxes of tomatoes are ready to welcome the Italians players back after their early elimination.

6. In the good old days, we used to sing "We are the Champions" by Queen. But recently that's turned into "Things can only get better" by D-Ream.

7. Aye! Don't bet on Italy!

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