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Great pick guys .. really motivated :( ??? still I heard that if you let 1000 monkeys type random they´d eventually end up writing all shakespears plays.

Euro 16:

Toldo - motivated
Barthez - whatever


Nesta - what a surprise
Canna - yeah another surprise
Desially - great choice really solid defender
Blanc - not proven !!! I respect that this guy is great but he got so much help from the midfield and Desially.
F De Boer - come on !!!!!!!!

Ok what happened to Couto ?? read the fxxking stats he was outstanding and had the exact stats of Nesta !! up to the semis. Lisarazu was great on the left wing, Thuram on the right. J Costa had a great championship.

Midfield - here´s the real joke !!

Vieira - ok he was great in defence but how many defending midfielders can you have in a selected few ??
Davids - great choice !!
Zidane - dito
Figo - dito
Guardiola - what team does he play in ?? HE SUCKED !!!!!

Ok no Nedved ?? no Zenden, no Overmars, no Zahovic, no Zambrotta :) <--- irony, no Beckham, no clue !!

Attack - hard to pick considering this was the championship of midfielders and defenders.

Kluivert - obvious since he was the best attacker
Milosevic - boring
N Gomes - exciting
Raul - Please ... please tell me that this is a joke

Totti was waaaaaaaaaaaay better then Raul, ille was better, Mutu was better, my grandmother was better then Raul.

Looks like my starting 11 won´t be playing :(


Canna - Nesta - Stam ( why did I pick this guy ?? ) - Lizarazu.

Nedved - Davids - Zidane - Overmars

N Gomes - Kluivert

I will always opt for speedier wings then dribbling narcisists.

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Where the **** is Thuram? and what are Raul and Guardiola doing in there? if they had to pick a guy from Spain they should have picked Mendieta! I man F.De Boer?!?!?!?!?

I dont care about this crap anymore.In my opinion Zidane was the best player of the tournament with Cannavaro and Toldo tied at second.

Henry is in the dream 16, presumably this svennis person has elected to omit him for his own motives, whatever they may be....bitterness, homoerotic desire, who knows.

I believe zidane was voted best player of the tournament, recieving a shiny little medal for his work, not henry, though henry did recieve more man of the match awards then anybody else, including zidane.

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Since the UEFA commite didn't select any wing backs one must assume that their lineup would be 3-5-2 (or 3-4-1-2).
I will propose two line-ups: One 4-4-2 and one 3-4-1-2.

Thuram Cannavaro Nesta Lizerazu
Vieira Zidane Davids Nedved
Kluivert Henry

Cannavaro Thuram Nesta
Figo Vieira Davids Nedved
Kluivert Henry

Only doubts in my mind are Chivu instead of Lizerazu and Zenden instead of Nedved.


where the hell are Thuram, Henry, and Figo???
By denying these players, you're denying the talent that showned during Euro2000.
I find it hard for Thuram, one of the best defender if not the best, not to be included in euro2000's defense.
What about Louis Figo?
Do you think Overmars was better?!?! Figo played in another planet, one that Overmars can never play in.
As for Henry, i find it hard for him not to be included either was a striker or a winger. You say you like speedy strikers, didn't you see Thierry sprint pass everybody included yours truly Nesta, Cannavaro, and every defender for that matter??? Henry is so up there among the best strikers.

oh by the way, Blitheid is right; Zidane is the best player of the tournament. However Thierry Henry was voted best player of the final. He was also voted best player in the games against Denmark, and the Czech Rep.
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