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We have three friendlys in 6 days
Estonia - Belarus on 03.june
Estonia - Trinidad and Tobago on 6.june
Estonia - Kõrgõztan on 9.june
All games are played on A Le Coq Arena
Belarus match will be testimonal match for former striker Kristen Viikmäe (114/15)

Here are our squad
Artur Kotenko (20.08.1981) – FC Dnepr Mogilev (BLR) 26/0
*Pavel Londak (14.05.1980) – FK Bodø/Glimt (NOR) 22/0
**Sergei Pareiko (31.01.1977) – Wisła Kraków (POL) 45/0

Alo Bärengrub (12.02.1984) – Nõmme JK Kalju 40/0
Enar Jääger (18.11.1984) – ilma klubita 93/0
Gert Kams (25.05.1985) – Seinäjoen Jalkapallokerho (FIN) 26/2
Ragnar Klavan (03.10.1985) – FC Augsburg (GER) 85/2
Dmitri Kruglov (24.05.1984) – FK Rostov (RUS) 81/1
Igor Morozov (27.05.1989) – Polonia Warszawa (POL) 19/0
Raio Piiroja (11.07.1979) – Chengdu Blades FC (CHN) 110/8
Taavi Rähn (16.05.1981) – Hunan Xingtao (CHN) 70/0
Andrei Sidorenkov (12.02.1984) – FC Gomel (BLR) 21/0
Tihhon Šišov (11.02.1983) – Nõmme JK Kalju 39/0
Taijo Teniste (31.01.1988) – Sogndal Fotball (NOR) 20/0

Aleksandr Dmitrijev (18.02.1982) – Tallinna FC Levadia 76/0
Joel Lindpere (05.10.1981) – Chicago Fire (USA) 86/6
Siim Luts (12.03.1989) – IFK Norrköping (SWE) 9/0
Sergei Mošnikov (07.01.1988) – Górnik Zabrze (POL) 14/0
Sander Puri (07.05.1988) – St Mirren FC (SCO) 49/2
Konstantin Vassiljev (16.08.1984) – FK Amkar Perm (RUS) 61/15
Martin Vunk (21.08.1984) – JK Sillamäe Kalev 52/1

Henri Anier (17.12.1990) – Fredrikstad FK (NOR) 5/2
Tarmo Kink (06.10.1985) – Györi ETO FC (HUN) 72/5
Henrik Ojamaa (20.05.1991) – Motherwell FC (SCO) 10/0
Andres Oper (07.11.1977) – Nea Salamis Famagusta FC (CYP) 133/38
**Sergei Zenjov (20.04.1989) – FK Karpatõ Lviv (UKR) 23/5
*Kristen Viikmäe (10.02.1979) – FC Haiba 114/15
Vladimir Voskoboinkov (02.02.1983) – Nõmme JK Kalju 33/4

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First game are tomorrow against Belarus. Historical opponent, because against them we achieved our first win in qualification campaign after re-independence in 1996 thanks to defender Sergei Hohlov Simson goal. Video of this match is here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez4NVLGO2vw
Some months earlier we lost in Belarus 1:0. Btw our first GK now Sergei Pareiko made his debut then aged 19. He replaced Mart Poom who got injury. After that lose we got 4 wins in row: first of them that 96 match, then three friendlys in 2000 (2:0 home thanks to Andres Oper two goals), 2004 (in Malta. Goals by Meelis Rooba and Marek Lemsalu. Both teams played with B-squads) and from our last game in home 2006 we took again thanks to Oper goals 2:1 win. Btw that was our only win in 2006.I`ve got two videos from 2000 and 2006:

And I said a lot, that tomorrow is Kristen Viimäe testimonal match
Here is all him 15 goal (in 115 game) for NT. I´ve also 12 videos from them
1. 04.06.1998 Kadrioru staadion (3500 atten) vs. Faroe Islands 1:0 (final score: 5:0) Euro 2000 qualification https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxVMSH_4Ydg
2. 06.03.1999 Neo GSZ Stadium, Larnaca, Küpros (100 atten) vs. Aserbaidžaan 2:1 (2:2)
3. 03.11.1999 Al Jazira Stadium, Abu Dhabi, AÜE (9000 atte.) vs. Türkmenistan 1:1 (1:1)
4. 19.03.2001 Cairo International Stadium, Kairo (350 atten) vs. Eqypt 3:2 (3:3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqJR0s8JTcg (from. 3:33)
5. 09.05.2001 Kuressaare linnastaadion (1700 atte.) vs. Finland 1:1 (1:1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20v_5QwpqiA (from. 1:15)
6. 10.11.2001 Nicos Goumase staadion, Athena (1200 attendance) vs. Greece 1:4 (2:4)
7. 12.10.2002 A. Le Coq Arena (3500 attendance) vs. New Zealand 2:2 (3:2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHSI5AjcxGU (from. 3:20)
8. 20.11.2002 A. Le Coq Arena (1800 attendance) vs. Iceland 1:0 (2:0) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clrKoIxEgHI
9. 07.06.2003 A. Le Coq Arena (3500 atten) vs. Andorra 2:0 (2:0) Euro 2004 qualification https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA87A0ktvZ8 (from. 1:53)
10. 28.04.2004 A. Le Coq Arena (4200 atten) vs. Albania 1:1 (1:1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcRSW1rkOr0 (from. 4:28)
11. 30.05.2004 A. Le Coq Arena (5000 atten) vs. Denmark 1:1 (2:2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FkhbUJduEE (from. 0:52)
12. 18.08.2004 Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz (912atte.) vs. Liechtenstein 1:0 (2:1) MM 2006 qualficication https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-73w0CXXpo
13. 04.09.2004 A. Le Coq Arena (3000 atte.) vs. Luksemburg 4:0 (4:0) WC 2006 qualification https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJUpdQWbAYo (from. 1:00)
14. 17.08.2005 A. Le Coq Arena (4000 atte.) vs. Bosnia 1:0 (1:0) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nmmTsgg8q0
15. 06.06.2009 A. Le Coq Arena (2150atte.) vs. Equatorial Quinea 1:0 (3:0) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtcjcxTgAfg

+ his historical goal against Bukaresti Steaua in 1998
For intresting fact, that in 2002 he also played for Valeranga in friendly against Manchester United ;)

Tomorrow I have to be satisfied with draw. We missed a lot of main players (Pareiko, Ojamaa, Klavan, Piiroja, Rähn). predict line up: Londak, Jääger, Morozov, Bärengrub, Teniste, Puri, Vassiljev, Vunk, Kink, Zenjov, Viikmäe (first 30 minutes).
But as I know, then Belarus preparing for two qualification match against Finland. Maybe they keep some players :)

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It is hard to believe Viikmäe got 114 matches for the NT...he's been around since forever and never been very good. I guess nobody would call him an Estonian football legend :D

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Belarus, Trinidad & Tobago, and Kyrgyzstan? More exciting friendlies for Andy to look forward to.

It's a shame the grand opening of the brand new Maracana stadium couldn't have been Brazil vs. Estonia, that would've been a far grander spectacle than what they witnessed last night.

Neymar was so poor, Vassiljev would've demonstrated how to play like a superstar.

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12-Pavel Londak, 17-Enar Jääger, 3-Taavi Rähn, 21-Igor Morozov, 5-Dmitri Kruglov, 7-Sander Puri, 6-Aleksandr Dmitrijev, 14-Konstantin Vassiljev, 19-Siim Luts, 15-Henri Anier, 10-Kristen Viikmäe.
Subs: 1-Sergei Pareiko, 22-Artur Kotenko, 2-Tihhon Šišov, 18-Alo Bärengrub, 16-Andrei Sidorenkov, 13-Martin Vunk, 11-Vladimir Voskoboinikov, 20-Rimo Hunt.

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not a convincing performance considering we faced a team made up of primarily Trinidadian league players. but at least we won...

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Lineup for tomorrow match against Kyrgystan. In brackets his home club and country
GK: Artur Koteko (Dnepro Mogilev, Belarus)

RB: Tihhon Šišov (Nõmme Kalju, Estonia)---- CD: Mikk Reintam (Jyvaskyla, Finland)----CD:Taavi Rähn (Hunan Billows, Chinese 1st division)----- LB: Taijo Teniste (Sogndal, Norway)

RM: Tarmo Kink (Györi Eto, Hungary)-----CM: Sergei Mošnikov (Gornik Zabrze, Poland)------ CM: Joel Lindpere (Chicago Fire, USA)-----LM: Sander Puri: (York City, England League Two)

Striker: Sergei Zenjov (now free agent, last played since 2008 in Lviv Karpatõ, Ukraine)---Priidu Hunt (Levadia, Estonia)

We even played once against Kyrgyztan. In 2000 we won in Kuressaare (capacity 2500) front of 800 people 1:0 thanks to Aivar Anniste goal. It was head coach from The Netherlands Arno Pjipers debut game.
Btw when talk about Pjipers, he left from Estonia 2004 after conflict with Aivar Pohlak and went with Janno Kivisild (long-time 2nd coach of Estonia NT) to Kazakhstan. He returned to Estonia in the end of 2011. He became general director and 2012 he became our U19 team head coach for European Championships. Some days ago came news that he left again to Kazakhstan but could again came to back Estonia later :D

Well tomorrow I hope our last 10 years biggest win (4:0 against Luxembourg in 2004).
Tomorrow our U21 also playing against Andorra. Hope to be personally on both game at stadium.

And also our FA made some preview about Kyrgyztan football. It consisted about them last results, FIFA position, but main point was that they brought in many players from Africa. Most dangerous from them are one Ghana striker who scored 3 goals in 3 games this year.

Our anthem are singing by Hong-Kong opera singer who live many years in Estonia and talk clean Estonian. Referees are come from Belarus.

Excully all the most I wait Latvia match in August.

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I´m not bothered to talk more
Estonia U21 1:1 Andorra U21
Estonia 1:1 Kyrgyzyzyzyzyztatatna (excully ****ing morons. Their doctor ran much more during match than our Goalkeeper.)
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