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It has indeed been an excellent campaign for Juventus, with the coach and most of the players being responsible for this. From Zinedine Zidane to Igor Tudor, players have shown their worth for Juve. However, there have been several players who haven’t been able to shine as much as they can due to injuries or other problems which have kept them off the pitch. One of these unfortunate players is without doubt Juan Eduardo Esnaider.
Nicknamed "El Loco" while still in his motherland Argentina, Esnaider was one of the best Argentinean players of the moment when he was still at Espanyol. There he won the Copa del Rey, the equivalent of winning a Coppa Italia. Juve made no mistake in buying him, a talented forward with a big future in front of him. At least, that was what it seemed to be: a future full of trophies and honours with Juventus.However, as soon as Esnaider put on the number 24 bianconero t-shirt, things began to go wrong.

The problem with his achilles tendon was last season’s headache, while this season it has been his knee which has prevented him from playing. At the start of this season things seemed to be clearing up, as Juan scored his first goal ever for Juve with a beautiful free kick in the Intertoto cup. Then, injuries came again, with his already mentioned knee leaving Esnaider off the pitch. However, he recovered, and even scored a header against Napoli in the Coppa Italia which secured Juve their qualification to the semifinals of the cup. But this doesn’t seem to be his year either, since the injury came back, AGAIN.

The question is: should Esnaider stay for at least another season in Juventus, or should he leave?In my opinion, he should stay. There are plenty of arguments for this, the main one being that he has demonstrated what he can do in the few times he’s been on the pitch this season. Against Venezia in Venezia, Esnaider came on with only a couple of minutes left to play, but in those few minutes, he made the two passes for Inzaghi’s last two goals. The first one a beautiful back heel or "taco" through a defender’s legs, and the last one a low and short cross from the right also through an opponent’s legs. Quite impressive thing to do in only 5 minutes, isn’t it? But in the San Siro clash last week, Esnaider showed that he didn’t only depend upon luck to be a good player, he put up a good performance in the 7 minutes he played. With intelligent plays, Esnaider made many feel Del Piero wasn’t missing in the match (he had substituted him). He almost scored a goal, from a Davids cross, only to be saved by former Juve ‘keeper Peruzzi.

My conclusion is that Juan Eduardo Esnaider, "El Loco" SHOULD NOT be sold in the summer, he should stay at Juventus for at least another season where he can show his true value. It was not as mistake to sign Esnaider, as many think, it has been bad luck which has deteriorated “el Loco’s” image.

This is taken from juventus online page

at http://juvefc.socceralliance.com
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