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Cahill defies Moyes over Australia games

Story by Austin Rathe 24 March 2005

Tim Cahill will miss the preapartion for Everton's vital Premiership
game against West Brom on April 3rd, opting instead to play for his National

Cahill, who is currently Oceania's player of the year, is due to play
against Iraq this weekend. Everton had wanted the injured player to return
home after that game, but he has elected to stay and play Indonesia as well.

Given the importance of the game for Everton's league campaign, Moyes
is certainly going to be unhappy.

"It's difficult for all the lads because we (Everton) have a lot of
big games coming up and are four points clear going for the Champions
League. So you can understand the club's point of view but you must also
understand Australia - it's probably a bit of give and take on both sides."
Said Cahill

"I was really upset about last month's South Africa game (which he
missed through injury) because I had my heart set on playing and it's always
disheartening when you miss out for your country. I'm nursing a few knocks
but hopefully I'll get myself right and enjoy these games. I'm just willing
to put as much effort as possible into playing well for both my club and

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come on man ......beat this everton tonite...... :strong: :thumbsup: :strong:

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wow my heart is only just recovering from that game! :)

Everton were no doubt a good hard working team which is why they are in 4th spot presently. We had more clear cut chances than Everton, but if not for the post and bar it would have been 3-0.

Gera's header was great and his all round play was outstanding, some of his tackles made you cringe! :)

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I saw this match.... WBA played very good and had some great chances, Gera's goal was great but he shouldnt miss the other chance later when he shot stright in keeper, I think it was Horsefield that made the pass...anyways deserved victory.

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From the telegraph

Life of Bryan reflected in hungry heroes at the Hawthornes
By Rick Broadbent

BRYAN ROBSON MADE A GLITTERING career from playing like a crash-test
dummy, with each hyperventilating display married to a flagrant
disregard for his own wellbeing. His West Bromwich Albion side fly
into tackles with the same sense of urgency, all grit and grime and
skin grafts, but the difference is self-preservation is at the
forefront of their minds.
It is a reflection of the improvement under Robson that Albion are
not yet sunk and an indictment of the Barclays Premiership that
Everton looked so mediocre. One of these sides is clinging on with
withered fingernails, while the other has a chance of making the
Champions League. The depressing conclusion is that this Everton
side are not a vast improvement on last season's version. Indeed,
though results have been better, it might be deemed less skilled,
given Thomas Gravesen and Wayne Rooney have departed, and they are
one of those teams who would not surprise you if they finished
anywhere between fourth and sixteenth.

"I have no fear," David Moyes, the manager, said when asked about
the club's prospects of retaining fourth place. "We were not
expecting to be here and we've never been thinking about the
Champions League. We've only been thinking about having the best
season we possibly can and we're close to that."

In relegation trouble themselves last year, Everton have achieved a
turnaround through grinding out wins. Playing them is like going
through a football mangle as they gradually squeeze the life from
you. For once, however, they found themselves out-mangled. At this
stage of the season, threatened teams fall into two categories.
There are those like Portsmouth who are dying on their feet and
checking their parachutes, and those like West Bromwich who believe.
At the other end, Everton are stuttering towards the finishing line,
incapable of winning away and looking anxiously across Stanley Park.

It is one thing to be outmuscled by Albion, but Robson's side also
showed quality. Central to adding style to the substance has been
the form of Kieran Richardson and Zoltan Gera. Richardson can put a
foot in, as highlighted when scything down Mikel Arteta, but he has
added some high-voltage touches and provides an ideal foil to Ronnie
Wallwork. Gera, the former top drinker of Hungarian football, is now
the toast of The Hawthorns. He looks like the archetypal winger —
fast feet and ribs like a xylophone — but he likes to mix it, too.
So he leapt high to score the winner and was not put off by the
tyrannical presence of Duncan Ferguson to make a courageous
clearance late on.

"Months ago we would have wilted when people were pumping long balls
into the box," Robson said. "But we have a confidence now. We knew
that against Everton it would be a hard fight, but the lads were up
for it." He said it was the "most important" day of the season, and
with Portsmouth losing again, the momentum is with the Midlanders.
Kevin Campbell, the striker, said it was down to hunger. "When
things are not going our way, you can see everybody fighting for
each other," he said. "There is a great will to win." A team
fashioned in the image of Captain Marvel then.

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I think because they wanted players who would hold the ball up rather than hittign shots from anywhere on the pitch ;)

Robson gave the reason that he didn't want to change a winning side.

We won, fair enough I say :)
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