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Gama: Can I f*** you?

The one and only Eurico Miranda has already elected his enemy for this season

He couldn't let too much time pass by without doing anything to call attention to himself. As Vasco da Gama are giving pitiful performances in the Carioca league, the omnipotent Eurico Miranda has chosen his enemy for this year. The target is Gama, a club from Brasília who dared to defy him and the Brazilian football establishment last year when they appealed to the court to guarantee their rights. The problem is this: Botafogo, a traditional but decadent club from Rio de Janeiro were threatened with relegation. To avoid this abominable possibility (Brazilian clubs view relegation as the worst thing possible for a club, as playing in the second division is similar to amateur leagues), Botafogo made its arrangements with Miranda to stay on First Division.

Now begins the problem: the way they found to keep Botafogo alive was alleging that São Paulo used a player with falsified documents in the game that finished 6 x 0 for São Paulo against Botafogo. With the three points from this game awarded by the sporting tribunals, Botafogo was able to stay in the main division of Brazilian football. The case, known world-wide as "the cats' case" (the player in question, Sandro Hiroshi, forged documents to be called for an Under 17 Brazil Squad ­ after this, many other cases came up) created serious trouble for everybody, the Brazilian FA included - because if FIFA were really serious they would have to punish Brazil in international competitions.

Gama were relegated according to the decisions of the CBF, clearly manipulated to keep Botafogo alive. All the decisions were guided by Eurico, who wanted to keep Botafogo under his influence. But Gama refused the CBF veredict, and appealed to the courts. It's well-known that FIFA doesn¹t accept intervention from regular justice in country federations. Due to this, the appeal was run by a syndicate, just formally. And Gama won its rights legally to be in First Division this year. It drove Eurico really mad...

Although Eurico was once against the creation of a Brazilian League (like the Premier League), now he saw in the league the possibility of throwing Gama down to the hell of second division. The next step was a proposition, made by the 13 Club (a club composed by the biggest teams in the country) to run a league. Eurico suffered another defeat. The courts decided that Gama would be entitled to participate in the first division, in a new league or in the Brazilian championship. At the end of the day, he¹ll be forced to see his Vasco da Gama facing Gama in the next league. Whatever its name...

Worse than all this, Eurico saw his team being smashed by arch-rivals Flamengo by 3 x 0 in the first game of the decision of the Carioca League, he fired Edmundo because the striker spent the night before the decision on a night-club (and played bad football), was forced to fire the coach (the third this year) and had a fight with one of his most valuable players, left back Felipe. Someone has to be blamed for all this and suffer his anger. This poor one, my friends, is Gama. And it won¹t stop here.

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