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The way I see it, our options for the head coach are as follows:
1) Foreign coach - will never happen, although a foreigner might not be such a kiss-ass to Grondona and might call players based on their skills.
2) One of the big guys - Diaz, Bianchi, Cuper etc. If we appoint Cuper, than the second place in the next worldcup is in the bag. As for the other, I don't think any of them will want the part (Bianchi reclined after Bielsa resigned and I don't think he'll want it now).
3) Another former coach - Bilardo, passarela - I don't really see the point. Why should they fare better than Basile?
4) Appoint a former star - The obvious choice would have to be Batista or Simeone, because both of them have experience, but other options might be Batistuta or even Maradona.
Out of all the options, I don't see one that is "perfect", but my third option looks like the best considering the circumstances. Maybe even a combination of Batista and Simeone (I don't know how good their relationship is) could get the job done.
But whoever takes over the NT after Basile, it's important for them to give Maradona some sort of oficial role. His effect shuld not be taken lightly.
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