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a plain fact: Arsenal are becoming too foreign, and being too foreign is a negative thing.
therefore, I am analyzing the possible English Players Arsenal fans could be seeing more of in the future.

1. Mathew Upson--a very good prospect, plays in central defence. Tall, and strong, he is a very English style defender. But the question is, is he just good, or will he become world class? Manure's Danny Higgonsomething was good, but not world class, and therefore he was just sold. Will this be UPson? I hope not.
2. Gareth Southgate--we all know him, a good defender, good positioning and reading of the game. Strong, good in the air, but slow. A little bit old (29), but he is also at his peak. Estimated cost: 8 million pounds
3. Richard Wright--surely England's first choice Gk by the time euro2004 comes along, if not sooner. Great shot stopper, who has a quiet authority in the box. Superb prospect. Transferlisted by Ipswich after rejecting new contract. Estimated cost: 5 million pounds

These are the 3 players that we have the best chance of seeing in the future. Other, but less likely possibilities.
-Kieron Dyer-Superb player, fast, good dribbling, will Robson's revolution work. If it doesn't, and with an ageing Shearer, Dyer could leave in the next year or two. Estimated cost: 10 million
--Fowler-best finisher in the world, will definitely want to leave if Heskey-Owen is Houllier's preffered duo up top.
Estimated cost: 15 million
--Frank Lampard--good central midfielder, captain of 21s, could replace Petit, who is 30 yrs old. Good passer, could blossom under AW's tutelage.
Estimated cost: 7 million

Comments, suggestions, ect.???

Glass is half empty

a plain fact: English players are crap and expensive. Being too foreign is predominatley a negative thing in the eyes of the racist xenophobic english press, a large number of which support spurs, and are thus bitter at success.

My analysis of the usual suspects.

Matthew Upson - Bought from luton a few years ago. Badly broke his leg at the beginning of last season, which was particularly unfortunate as he was being nursed into the squad and first team. I believe he should be fit by around november. With decent technique for an english player, he shows potential, but we have to see how it matures.

Gareth Southgate - Miracles of miracles an english defender that can actually pass the ball, would be a cert in the english team if it weren't for the sad fact that he's a crap defender. Old and slow, he excels in one thing - missing penalties...so he should fit in easily.

Richard Wright - Almost brought england to new levels of humiliation against malta, when he gave away two penalties and scored an own goal, this of course followed from ipswitch's playoff final when he did exactly the same thing....so at least he's not getting worse. Clearly an idiot, he is also completely unproven at a highly competitive level. Would do better if he stopped filling his fat face with pies, and lost some weight, maybe then he wouldn't keep accidently knocking people over, every time he comes within 3 feet of them.

Kieron dyer - Seemed to have it all at the beginning of the season, until robson discovered that he really has the body of a headless chicken. Yes he can run, yes he can dribble, he can also give the ball away and make stupid passes. Would do better if he concentrated on football instead of making porn films with frank lampard.

Robbie Charlie Fowler - Yeah, he was a good player but the question is how good is he now. He hasen't player regularly for the past two seasons due to injuries, and he wasn't exactly fast to start with. Do we really want to buy someone else so injury prone, I suppose at least he would be able to make good friends with petit, bergkemp, and adams, given the amount of quality time they would spend together in the treatment room. Do you think the physios know how to heal damaged septums?

Frank Lampard - Fortunate enough to be the assistant managers son, and managers nephew, he made a early start in the hammers first team. Scores goals but is lightweight and can't tackle, so he would function poorly our midfield. At least he would be able to keep the players entertained though, with his home videos.

I really don't think we are going to be in the market for any developed english players, any time soon. The english men who will fill our ranks, will either those who show great promise and are bought young e.g upson. Or those who come through our youth system, developing through the youth teams, which are incidently also reinforced with some foreign talent. After a long period where our youth teams have churned out crap, we are at the moment probably are the best in the country youth team wise, thanks to the efforts of people like liam brady, don howe, and wenger.

Last season we won the u-17s title, the u-18s title (the youth cup), and finished 2nd in the u-19s - suprisingly losing out on penalties, having already missed a penalty in normal time...pure arsenal. You will probably begin to see a greater introduction of players from the youth acadamy over the next few years, after these players have developed further.

Next year I think you may see the introduction of the following players from the reserves into the first team squad.

Ashley Cole - loaned out to palace last season, he was probably their best player for much of the time he was there. He played well against newcastle in the last game of the season. Will probably deputize for silvinho now that winterburn has pissed off to west ham.

Stuart Taylor - goalie, has played for englands u-21s, was loaned out for some of last season. Possibly will be third choice keeper, replacing lukic.

Paolo Vernazza - Central midfielder - loaned out to portsmouth last season

Rhys Weston(welsh) - Central Defender - Got called up to the full welsh squad recently, think he got his first cap.

Graham Barrett - Striker - plays for irlands u-21s, may be loaned out.

+ possibly others

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you must be kidding Blith. Why are you always so pessemistic?...Besides, when I said "being too foreign is a negative thing," all I meant is that there should be at least a couple English players in the starting lineup. If we become like Chelsea and only have dennis wise starting, then we begin to lose the soul of the team.

tool rule - a perfect circle sucks

Pessimistic, me, surely not. I'm merely a realist. Perhaps we merely have different perceptions of reality.

Does one english man in the team encapsulate the soul of the team? If we bought someone like nick barmby, would he have more loyalty, and be more arsenal then vieria, or one of the forign arsenal players that are currently springing out from youth team? I'm sure walter smith would have his views on the subject.

Currently english football is at an incredible low, thanks mainly to idiots like howerd 'the phuck' wilkinson and judas graham, that fostered the long ball game in the 80's and early 90's. Naturally all the youth teams followed suit, and all standards went down the pan. However I think things are on the incline, with the formation of the youth acadamies, and a premium now being put on skill, instead of a kids ability to kick the ball far....previously so critical when playing in defence.

I'm sure we will have plenty of english players in our ranks in the future, in the first team?, i'm not sure football is a first team game anymore, but at least in the squad. As I said our youth teams are the best in the country at the moment, and i'm sure in the next three years you will see very good english players emerging to take their place among our ranks. Players, like pennant, noble and halls. You will also see forign players making an appearence like volz or aliadiare, but one thing unites them all....their arsenal.
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