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LONDON, May 7 (Reuters)(DS) - An English soccer fan was killed
in a violent clash before the kick-off of a tense third division
match, police said on Sunday.
The man died in hospital after an incident outside Rotherham
United's stadium in northern England on Saturday, where
Rotherham were hosting rivals Swansea City.
Police said they made numerous arrests at the stadium, but
no further details of the incident or the cause of the Swansea
supporter's death were immediately available.
"A post mortem is under way to establish a cause of death as
soon as possible," a Rotherham police spokesman said. "Relatives
of the man are being driven to South Yorkshire to make a
positive identification."
English football, dogged by a long history of hooliganism,
is still reeling from the deaths of two Leeds United supporters
who were stabbed to death in Turkey last month.
Former England international Sir Bobby Charlton told the
Sunday Times newspaper he was worried that English hooligans at
this summer's European championships in Belgium and the
Netherlands could dash England's hopes of winning the right to
host the 2006 World Cup finals.
The match in Rotherham ended in a 1-1 draw, giving Swansea
the third division title. Both Swansea and Rotherham, who
finished second behind Swansea, were promoted to the second

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An english fan stabbed in Copenhagen tonight
in a clash between Arsenal and Galatasaray fans.

Why english fans are always making trouble ?

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oh come on, I'm cetain the English fans are no saints, but look at the past 5 years and most, if not all violence in European competitions has involved Galatasaray fans. For me there is something in that!
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