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The mayor of Brussels has blamed England fans for the violence in Brussels on
Monday evening, even though it was Turkish fans rioting.

Mayor Francois-Xavier De Donnea stated that the actions of the English supporters at
Charleroi following the victory over Germany had led to the trouble as the Turks
celebrated securing a place in the semi-final.

He said: “These were people still looking for British hooligans, for revenge. They still
feel they were psychologically attacked by the British hooligans.

"They are people from poor neighbourhoods. They see all that money in Euro 2000, and it was not a good idea to
provoke them. It started a chain reaction, which is hard to stop. Our social workers are trying to do that."

Initially the gathering was good natured but, as the throng increased in size, the atmosphere turned nasty and the
Turks rushed to a bar where they thought English fans were drinking and chanted obscenities, before smashing
car windows and ransacking a local restaurant.

A spokesman for the Brussels police force confirmed the trouble, saying: "There were several skirmishes by local
youths. They attacked two pubs, but everything is returning to normal now.

"We did use some tear gas but it was a defensive spray as police vans were encircled by local youths."

This follows on from the violence involving England fans over the weekend and it remains to be seen whether Fifa
issue a warning to the Turkish FA over their continued participation in the tournament – following Lennart
Johansson’s threat that England would be expelled if their followers take part in any further violence.
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