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English Arrogance

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I've just bought 4-4-2 (an english football magazine).
In their Euro 2000 guide they summarised Portugal's chances thus.

"....the Portuguese go into the tournament promising nothing but instinctive, one-touch football that is a joy to behold. The prospect of them scoring the odd goal or two, let alone winning a match, is rather more remote."

Bring on June 12th.
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****'em. They bla bla bla and uhh uhh uhh. If we end of beating them excuses galore.


Yeah England must be the most arrogant country ever, every day I have to put up with arrogant remarks by the english about how crap portugal are and how they will slaughter us on June 12th.
There is this football program on a saturday called on the ball presented by an ex english international Barry venison. He said that in the CL q/f Porto were the weakest team in the q/f by a mile and they were only there to make up the numbers he said man utd would trounce real madrid and that chelsea would probably beat barcelona.
BUT HIS WORST REMARK "Portugal have one good player figo who incedently is nowhere near as good as beckham, but you have to give the portuguese credit for producing one decent player but the fact is come june the 12th portugal arent good enough to play against england and so will without a doubt lose. England are very lucky to have been drawn in such an easy group and will take all 9 points easily, and will probably go on to win the tournament the only team good enough to stop england may be Holland"
Talk about ****ing arrogance!!!!
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Well. I hope Portugal will send them back home...."The odd goal" would be enough, cause who should score for England??

Btw, who is your first choice striker in the national team?

Futbol de America Latina:
England were appalling in losing to scotland at wembley where they scraped into euro 2000.
This is the biggest load of crap I've heard in all my life. I'm used to the fact that portuguese football never will get the recognition it deserves, but this is just too much. To me England is without doubt the weakest team in the group! Oh how I hope we kick those arrogant bastards back across the channel.

SLB stop making this bulls..t up. I saw the same program that you're talking about and yeah Venison did say that Portugal were the weakest team in the group and England should beat them.

But the rest is utter b......s. You can scrap the last 4 lines cause he definitely didn't say anything about England being drawn in an easy group and that they would probably go on to win the tournament. The view here in England is that they would do well to get to the 1/4 or semi finals the way the team is playing now, so why would Venison say they would easily win Euro 2000?

I think you were getting too excited telling this story to your Portuguese friends and made some stuff up to incense them.

I'm right aren't I? ;)
Stop this ****ing racist bollocks will you. First you bang England for thinking that they will do well and then claim that you are better than them. Also I have read posts in this forum which has claimed that portugal will do well and it's not arrogance but optimism. Just look at the Yugo forum!!!
The article in 4-4-2 merely points out that Portugal have not had a consistent scorer for a long time. I did agree with this but have since changed my mind and see them as a possible great side. The thing is that the players are not plying well in the national side (including Figo). This should change and I can see them qualifying but I also think that the group is the one where all the teams are of the same standard.

About the goalscorer for England - Owen???, Scholes, Shearer etc.
Its one thing to say your team will do well. Another to say another team will do badly without any reason, like this "let alone winning a match" crap. Portuguese national team and clubs are always put down in the media.
Basically I agree with you. I dont think you should talk down on other teams, I just get carried away by this kind of ignorant media stuff.
Skylight Barry venison did say maybe not exactly the same words to the last detail but he did say that england would beat portugal on several ocassions, after an international friendly week he did say that england should get 9 points with ease he did say figo was portugals only good player he might have also said rui costa but i cant remember if that was football focus he did say figo wasnt as good as beckham and he did say the only team that could rival england could be holland. He has not only said this on On the ball but also on radio 5 live.
He also said in one of the champions league highlights programs that porto were the weakest team and only there to make up the numbers and when asked for his predictions he said man utd should cruse past r.madrid and and he expected chelsea to beat barca coz of their poor defence.
As for the view england would be doing well to get to the q/f I was wacthing an interview with Kevin Keegan on saturday and he was going on about england and how they could win it coz of the talent and was also saying that in terms of teams they had the best apart from maybe holland.
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Hey just let them talk... When Portugal plays them then we will see.

Barry Venison is an idiot, pure and simple. He does not represent England though although at times he does remind me of Prince Phillip ;)
Portugals main problem is the same as Englands (ironically), good players who don't perform to well together. I hope Portugal get through as well as England.
No offence to Romania and Germany but I think they play the better football.
Ok SLB i trust you.
I agree about Barry Venison though. He has the mouth of a horse and the brain of a tuna fish on LSD. In conclusion, he should be put down. ;)
Anyone who dares say that Beckham is better than Figo loses any shred of credibility he/she may have had. End of Story.

Portugal is going to defeat England on June 12th. It's as simple as that.

Personally I think England and Portugal are the two better sides to advance out of this group, but HAGI can be a problem. I think Germany is in the worse shape, but they have the experience to play well!

England is tough and saying that they are better than Portugal might or might not be true...it's to close to call and I have no problems with anyone who argues for.

I am as arrogant as the English when I say that I think Portugal will win Euro and with 32-1 odds I am betting on it!!
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