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England vs Andorra 2010 WC. Sat.6 Sept

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the opening game of world cup 2010 qualification for England.
England road to South Africa will start against Andorra.

this game will be played in Spain, Barcelona.
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Owen doesnt get involved in the play as much, even when he has played for England... anyway Owen hasnt become the player he could have been because of his injuries. Anyway other suggestions say he failed a fitness test and is why he wasnt called... no one will know and Capello will not explain his decisions. I honestly thought Rooney scored more than 12 EPL goals last year, considering the amount of games and the team he plays for that is not very good indeed... especially as he is supposed to be a very good goalscorer... it says he got 13 assists so maybe it makes up for it, but in England its difficult to assist anyone with Beckham lumping the ball 60 yards and expecting you to control it with 3 defenders around you and being isolated. Probably more than the names on the team sheet, the 'technical' brain of some of the England players is rather silly. I still stand by my point that nearly ALL of the top EPL teams have foreigners in the heart of their midfield... the only team which doesnt is Man U with Carrick, yes he is injured, but through 3 England not one of them rate Carrick, the annoying [email protected]@ds. I am not Carrick's biggest fan, but he is surely the best midfield option at international level that England have, indeed England have no other player with his kind of abilities. Carrick must play (when he is fit again).
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Bullard is not the kind of player to trust him in a tough game against croatia. i`m not against capello called up him to engalnd team or to give him some minutes against andorra.. but not in croatia`s game.
still Rio isn`t fully fit to start this game due to injury. who do you think is the suitable replacement for him?
Walcott will start against andorra instead of Beckham who will be rested for Croatia`s game.

i think it`s a good step by capello to give some young players a massive chance like this to play.
Walcott ahead of Bentley? Downing ahead of Cole?

When you look at that team, it really is quite shit. Won't be shocked to see us struggle. What I never understand about England managers is that he has had all those friendlies to experiment and get his team the way he wanted... and only NOW does he play with Walcott and Downing on the wings. In the first proper game. Why? Why not use the time you had constructively, now this is a brand new team that hasn't played as a unit ever before and expect it to magically gel for the first time. *sigh*

Time to write off the national team as nothing but a circus of stupidity methinks. Bored of it.
any link for the game, please?
In fairness- if Downing could EVER impress on this stage, now's his chance.
any link for the game, please?
Some dont require any software to be installed.

thank you Rooney10. :)
what`s the best channel to use?
Terry, Cole, Downing, Rooney have all been quite shit. Defoe not as bad but still meh.

Barry and Lampard haven't quite worked, similar style of play so cancel out a bit. Need a DM for the love of god. Walcott has been ok simply because he is fast and these are slow part timers. Need some football intelligence on the field however to create something. Johnson has been quite decent since he isn't having to defend too much I guess.
We need to stop playing like Liverpool, lumping it in from 40 yards.
thank you Rooney10. :)
what`s the best channel to use?

Im on Sopcast 6099...decent.
We need to stop playing like Liverpool, lumping it in from 40 yards.
Frustrating game. Similar to last game...40 yard passes. Cappello is losing it on the sideline
Yeah Capello is just as frustrated as us watching it, but there is nothing anyone can do, our plays are just shit, no intelligence, no subtlety, no movement, just shit.
HT 0-0

this time there's no Gerrard to bail england out
When exactly is the last time Gerrard bailed England out..... ??????
That would be a first.
against andorra in the exact same situation
So glad I've been watching the tennis.
downing off for j cole

defoe off for heskey
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