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England DO have technical players

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England do have technical players, but unfortunately not enough of them are in the England team. Joe Cole, Kieron Dyer, Rio Ferdinand, all so talented. Imagine this England team for the next world cup, every player having great technical skills.
Owen Scholes
J. Cole
Harley Beckham
Barry Ferdinand Campbell Dyer
subs: Fowler, Heskey, Phillips, Lampard, M. Ball, G. Neville, P. Neville, R. Wright, Morris, Parlour, McManaman

The keys in this lineup are the assumption that Cole fullfils his awesome potential, Scholes can play in a Cantona-like role, and that Barry develops into a true left back.
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this may be the case
but it all depends on yound players HOPEFULLY fulfilling their potential
will players like harley, cole, barry and ferdinand actually become as great as maybe rivaldo, zidane, roberto carlos and nesta respectively?
ferdinand doesnt seem that good to me, as ive seen him play many times before, and he is just too inconsistent
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