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Energie Cottbus interested in buying Kaluzny

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Energie Cottbus are said to be 99.9% sure that they will by Kaluzny. I read a quick Polish article about this and i think that its a really good move :) (dont no for how much though)
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There is a common opinion in Poland that Energie is too weak,too
small club for our "big ballhead";)But after his performance in
Poland-Japan i wouldn't be so sure.
eveyone one playin for Poland that day played bad, except maybe dudek
Cottbus to break bank for Kaluzny

Energie Cottbus managing director Klaus Stabach has said the club will make every attempt to sign Radoslaw Kaluzny on a permanent contract.

Kaluzny has been a massive hit at the Stadium of Friendship since his loan move from Wisla Krakow at the beginning of the season.

Cottbus have an option to sign the Poland international and manager Eduard Geyer is desperate for him to stay at the club.

"We are 99.9 per cent sure to use our option, although we might have to find another sponsor in order to pay the transfer fee of around £900,000," said managing director Klaus Stabach.

Cottbus have almost secured their Bundesliga future following five straight home wins that took them eight points clear of the relegation zone.

-there's the article
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I feel that Energie want to invest their money,there are rumors that just after the WC the'll sell Kaluzny(HSV?).
yea? well its not a bad idea. Kaluzny could make a name for himself in the future. They can maybe even make millions off him
Maybe not millions,but they can earn a little(Kaluzny is injured
too often,he played only in 21 on 29 Bundesliga games this season,although most often he played well:) )
Thats a small sum that can potentionally pay off big time. Good move on the part of Cottbus. Strange how very good Polish players are sold for peanuts, while average players from western countries or even Croatia or Romania are sold for 5x more.
that is because they'r national team perform very good. Romania and Croatia have very good squads. Once Poland makes a name for herself, our players will be worth that many too. Imagine how much Dudek would have been worth!:eek:
Today's article stated that Klaus Stabach, the manager of Cottbus, said that he knows that holding Kaluzny won't be an easy job. He stated that already there have been interests from 2 German clubs, Hertha Berlin and Hamburger SV. Cottbus is already looking for another Kaluzny :D . Cottbus, who have already looked at A. Bak from Polonia (now Widzew) are interested in Maciej Murawski from Legia Warsaw. The 28 year old already had some offers from foriegn clubs already (the biggest from some club in Cyprus i think) but wants to go to the Bundesliga since its a much better league. He plays defensive-mid for Legia. He played for Poland vs Holland in 2000 and for Poland vs Faroe Island this year. He can also play on the right side of defense (i heard) like Tomasz Klos does for Poland.

I think Cottbus likes Poland as well as other EE players since they have the most EE players in the Bundesliga.
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I hope he doesn't sign with them. There has apparently been interest for him from much bigger clubs, including Tottenham. He should finish off his loan, wait till the WC finishes and then reasses his options. I'm sure after the WC he will receive a lot more offers and interest he is getting now.
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