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Ended Nakata experience with Roma

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From Calciomercato:

Ended Nakata experience with Roma
Hidetoshi Nakata experience with Roma after
some months ended.
Now Parma, Milan and some English and German clubs
are interested in the Japanese player.
In next weeks Roma president Sensi, coach Capello
and the player will meet to solve the contract.
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I think he will probaly stay, but if he goes i don't think we could use him, we already got Alex and Stanic on that position and maby even still Ortega
i think he would stay also, he might leave after the next season if he is not satisfied with Roma
He doesn't deserve what he is getting now in Roma, Capello only know how to protect Totti who isn't playing any better than Nakata, So let him go Roma!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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