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Well we come to another end of the season. 2007/08 closes with joy at least, even if during the season we had the usual bumpy ride with AS Roma. Second place in the league, taking the scudetto chase down to the wire. Italian Supercup trophy, coppa Italia trophy and also anoher Quarter-final exit at the hands of Man Utd. All things considered it is clear we had improved this season, but there was still the lack of a mentality that has always hurt this club, and it seems we have been no closer to figuring out the best way to win in our crappy matches. However I am happy enough with this season. We have discovered many things, and now I will write about the players individually.

Doni - I would say maybe a couple mistakes that could have cost us the league, but at the same time he also played some amazing matches for us. I suppose he was worth the new contract. 7

Panucci - His experience can be valuable at times and his form was still consistent, but his age is catching up on him and he is clearly not as good as he has been with us. I'd give him another year, but after that I think its time he moved on, especially as he sees himself as a starter. 6

Cassetti - A journeyman you could call him, but he was fantastic this season and highlighted by how close he possibly was to the Euro 08 squad of Italy. His energy on the flank is fantastic for a full-back. 7

Cicinho - Maybe took a while for him to settle, but a very decent first season from him in Serie A. I just hope next year he gets more time, but I think Spalletti is someone who likes more powerful FB's, I may be wrong. 6.5

Tonetto - Great start to the season, awkward middle, but another excellent end. His form had dipped, but this must have been expected after playing so many matches for us over the last couple seasons, but he picked it up again when it mattered, and was probably our best player in the last 2 CL rounds. 6.5

Mexes - I dont think he was as good as last season, but he was still excellent none the less and finally a deserve call tot he French NT. One of the best CBs in Europe on his day. 7

Juan - When he played I think he was even better than Mexes. Absolutely top class, and if he and Mexes made up our CB more often this season we could possibly have won the league and cut out the stupid mistakes of Ferrari. 7.5

Ferrari - Last season he was a very good reserve defender for us, but this season, possibly because of his contract issues, he was quite poor. He will most probably leave us, and never really fulfilled his potential here. 5

De Rossi - All I need to say here is that this guy is just getting better by the game. 8

Pizarro - I am one who criticises him quite often for his poor defensive qualities, but this year I felt he was very good in the offensive game. His creativity is very much needed against the smaller teams, despite his liability in the defence. 7

Aquilani - A good season for him, but too many injuries again. He shows the potential, a great shot and ball skills for a central midfielder like him, but it is hard to remain consistent when injuries catch up. 6.5

Brighi - A decent reserve signing. He came in and did his job when we needed it. 6

Mancini - A one or two month spell aside, I think he was poor, if we could get a real top class player in his position, who can take players on and leave them for dead, we would be the best tam in Italy no doubt. 6

Taddei - He started the season well and still played alright towards the end, but you could see he was tired. I think he is another who played many games under Spalletti's reign, as he never really often got injured. 6.5

Giuly - He is a good player, with good experience, but I thought he was disappointing at Roma this season. Maybe Serie A is not his kind of league as he obviously needs more space to run into. 6

Vucinic - Well he really upped his game just about the time I said that he could be sold if the right offer came in. I still stand by that, but obviously I would like to keep him. He showed his true qualities, and his versatility as a forward. 7

Totti - Due to injuries he was obviously not as good as last year, but even still him not being as good, is one of our best players. He was quality when on the pitch and fit. 7

Spalletti - Love the guy, what an amazing coach to have. He does get things wrong at times and takes too long to change the situation, but he has been a very good coach for us since he took over. 7

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Doni - At times brilliant, at other times, simply horrible errors. This has probably been his best season yet though. I still think that he isn't good enough for a club aiming to win the scudetto. 6.5

Panucci - He is still strong considering his age. I think he should be a back-up in the centre of defence next season. He is usually reliable, can make the odd mistake but at 35 he's had a very good campaign and is still fit. 6.5

Cassetti - Preferred over Cicinho for the majority of the season and most of the time he deserved his place. Defensively he is excellent while I think he's also underrated in attack. A very versatile player who is an excellent squad member. 7

Cicinho - Took a while to get going but showed his class IMO. His crossing is first rate and his energy up and down the flank is excellent. His performance against Milan where he was up and down the flank all day and provided the assist for Vucinic is a great example of what he is capable of. Should be a starter next season and will be better for the experience. 6.5

Tonetto - Had a form slump mid season but came back strongly. I think we need to start looking for a new LB as age is catching up to him, but he is a very useful squad player. 6.5

Mexes - Strong and solid for most part. Still has the tendency to be a little petulant though. Probably not as good as last season but still class overall. 7

Juan - A great signing, but unfortunately made of glass. Perhaps lacks a little pace but his last ditch tackles are excellent and his positioning and dominance in the air are valuable. 7.5

Ferrari - Quite poor this season and was then injured at the back end of the year. Not good enough overall. 4.5

De Rossi - Absolutely outstanding. A monster, consistently great. Always shows up in the big games. Dominant. He's a gem. 8.5

Pizarro - He had a decent, but not outstanding year. IMO his slow build up hinders our style more than anything and defensively he is near useless. He did manage to supply a few nice assists though. 6.5

Aquilani - Showed his brilliance but again hampered by injury. If he can remain fit he is going to be great. All class. 7

Brighi - Always reliable when called upon and a good squad player. 6

Mancini - Extremely poor and looks disinterested. Doesn't show any heart, doesn't have the right attitude. Virtually invisible in the big matches, especially in the CL. 4

Taddei - Had a form slump mid year and was then injured. Still a valuable member of the squad and has a habit of scoring clutch goals. 6.5

Giuly - Perhaps disappointing considering his stature but I would have liked to have seen him play a little more often. 6

Vucinic - Excellent. Stepped up when it counted. Scored some great goals and was playing well with or without Totti. 7.5

Totti - Hampered by injury but still scored 11 goals and was class when on the pitch. 7

Spalletti - Overall, very good, though not perfect. Would like to see him make subs a little earlier in certain situations, but I can't complain too much. He has done an outstanding job. 7
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