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From what I hear now from you guys, he is playing bad...what happened to him...do you guys think that he always played bad or just now?? because I havent seen any of the latest matches..but before I loved him and i really thought he would bring the toughness brazil needed....I thought he played very well in Copa99...Somehow I dont think Luxo is gonna change him..even if he is playing bad...

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he is lost in midfield, he does not attack, he does not tackle, he gives way too much space, and lets the defense always vunerable. I don't know exaclty at what position he play in Germany, I think is as an attacking midfielder, and not as a defensive midfielder.
I know that in Gremio he played as an attcking midfielder and was a bit limited. He is just not used to this position no more...we need an real specialist..the answer is VAGNER!:)
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