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Even more evidence to suggest that Ellis is a meglomanic!


Doug Ellis has been co-opted onto one of FIFA's most influential committees - boosting England's power of influence with the international governing body.
FA chairman Geoff Thompson, is standing for election to UEFA's executive committee this summer, but the Villa chairman's appointment to FIFA's marketing and television advisory board is seen as a crucial step for the game in this country.

Premier League spokesman Mike Lee said: "We are delighted that Doug Ellis, one of our most senior and respected club chairmen, has been invited to serve on this key FIFA committee.

"It is a recognition of Doug's contribution to the game and the role he has played in developing English football's approach to broadcasting arrangements and the marketing of the game.

"It symbolises the growing role which we hope that English football will be able to play both within UEFA and FIFA."

England's influence at the highest level was severely compromised by the 'cash-for-votes' accusations levelled against former FA chairman Keith Wiseman and ex-chief executive Graham Kelly last year.
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