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Electronic WC Wallchart...

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A workmate emailed this to me... I haven't fully tested it, but apparently it automatically updates the group tables as you enter the results for each game.

I've changed the times to BST and added the UK TV channels I got from:



I have noticed though that it doesn't have an entry for the 3rd and 4th place game and the 'lost' columns aren't working in the group tables.

it's a zipped Excel spreadsheet by the way!

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just noticed another error... It says the final's to be played on 30th July... It should be 30th June!
Also looks like Windowz/PC users might get a black document when opened up in Excel. just do a 'select-all' and change the cell colour to 'No fill', then change the text colour to 'black'.

Mac users (such as myself) shouldn't have this problem!!! :D
Also discovered that if a team scores or concedes more than 9 goals in the first round the entry in the table becones a hash sign (#)... Personally I wouldn't complain if we score more than 9!!!

Anyway, here's an updated version!


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