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Enough with the Bono threads:yuck::yuck::D, leave that Bulgarian lawyer dude alone, because the :star:KING:star: is back.:stuckup:

Well, we didn't start our season in the best way...er... actually in the worst way.:drunk: But who cares, the team has won so much in last 2 decades that one or two transition year is only inevitable. No team can win forever, not even for the most successful team in club football - Milan.:proud:

However, I still firmly believe that our current roster has got what it takes to turn it around the corner, I still have faith in our coach and roster. I do believe our newcomers would shine.

Sheva:hopeful:, well am I the only one who still have faith in him???... errr maybe Bono too...:rolleyes::D Credit to him on this.:thumbsup:

ZAMBA:hopeful:!!! Massive upgrade, it's dream coming true to watch him in our shirt dominating the flanks.:proud:

Ronaldinho:strong:, he can only get better once he bonds well with our guys, strong performance already against Bologna.

Flamini, Abbiati and Borriello look good so far:thumbsup:, and I am pretty sure the current team is a definite upgrade to last season's team once they gel together, I still firmly believe we had a successful mercato despite not being a perfect one(a world class CB missing),


Our defence really has been shaky:moan:... I mean very very shaky. :scared:

As I have said 2 summers ago, no way we would get a new world class central defender as long as :proud:San Paolo:proud: is staying around and Kaladze starting games. I still rate San Paolo highly that he's indispensable to our team, but Kakha has performed vastly appalling for more than a season already. With Nesta out for an unknown period of time, Kakha suffered miserable form and Bonera simply not 'up there', it's too much to ask for for San Paolo to carry the entire defence on his shoulder again and again in his 40s... he's constantly our best defender out there and that speaks volume of the situtation...:moan: What a cruel way to fairwell our great captain.

Despite the general optimism, I don't rate Sanderos at all. It's true he played well against Milan/Juventus in CL before, but that's deceptive because Arsenal didn't play gung-ho in both times. Sanderos suffers in high-tempo transition games and his flaws were so evident in EPL. In San Siro, we always have to chase opponent's counter attacks. I am afraid a certain ''Drogba murders Sanderos'' scene would repeat a lot in Series A in the near future...:scared::scared:

Well...the latest Pirlo injury...:cry: it's devastating news and I hope all the best to our dear Andrea:cry:, but to Milan it could be a blessing in disguise. Pirlo is the best playmaker in the world but we are becoming over-reliant on him. We are over-using him in the way that both parties are hurt from it. :( Now Carlo is finally forced to test the formation without Pirlo, and to sort out how our the team should survive without the maestro. A major shake-up in the midfield in on the cards, two defensive DMs with 4 attackers maybe one solution, but we have got to guard against the failure of 06's Brazilian team which used the same formation 4-2-2-2. I'll leave it to Carlo in the tactics part. Personally I won't rule out something like,


could be interesting. ;)

All in all, I am optimistic that our team shall prevail once they bond well together, scudetto is still attainable but only if we fix our defence problems. The attack will sort out themselves and I really hope Carlo stays put until next summer. Our future looks really unclear at this moment but I am SURE we will turn around the corner soon. We have to show full support to our coach! And more importantly, we have got to support our TEAM more than we ever do! Show our appreciation, show our endless support!:fero:

We are still the BEST team in the world! We are still the proud club of MILANO!!!

:devil:FORZA MILAN!!!:devil:

*Now let the EK bashing starts*
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