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To think Eibar needed 1.7 million euros so they could have a capital equal to 25% of the average expenses of all sides in the second division, excluding the two clubs with the biggest outgoings and the two with the smallest.

the past two season's they've been getting around 26m euros in la liga, next season, even if they finished 15th, they'll get at least 74m euros (50m from pool and 24m from merits and resources)

i could be wrong but i think total prize money for the spanish second division is something like 10% of the total prize money pool in la liga, so perhaps eibar were making around 2.6m a season in second division, in 2013 Eibar were playing in the 3rd division probably only making about 300k a season

Eibar 2013 = 300k
Eibar 2016-2017 = 74 million euros
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