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Eggen resigned!

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Nils Arne Eggen resigned from his position as coach/manager for Rosenborg BK yesterday. The decision was a reaction to the fuss the past couple of days about the incident between him and Ola By Rise during the Tromsø game monday, where he told his assistent coach to shut up or go to the wardrobe when By Rise tried to give the players some instructions. The bad results in the pre-season is also believed to have something to do with his decision.

A few hours later, Eggen was back on the Rosenborg practice pitch however, yelling and cussing out his squad. When asked abotu his retirement, he said it was all forgotten now, and everything was put behind him and Rosenborg.

Sportsdirector Rune "Elgen" Bratseth said they are back to business as usual again already.
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So, in the end, did he resign or not? :confused:
He did, but got his job back within the hour.
Doubt they filled out any paperwork on it :D
Things are crazy in Trondheim this spring, but like Mini and most others, we still think that RBK will get better soon. However, if it last until May or so, and another team gets a fantastic start to the season, we may have a great season coming up.

I wonder if this incident will get any further impact, or if anyone else will get fired.
did anyone get fired? haven't watched the news today, so dunno.

and it won't matter if another team gets a great start. no squads are very impressive this season, including rbk's... but they got the cash to make the difference. If any of the other top teams had squads like the past few years, Rosenborg would have struggled.. but everyone has been depleted this year.
The only thing that came out of it was that Eggen won't join the team on the match against Viking this Saturday. Therefor, his assistent By Rise will lead the team through the match. (Ironically enough after Eggen abusing By Rise during the last match, against Tromsø.)
Strange news...
A fight,He resigned, then got the job back?

Seems to be a club in unbalance...

Has this gone on for a long time?
Is the Rosenborg Glory Days on it's way to stop?
Nah, doubt it. They got too much money compared to everyone else. But Eggen has lost it I think.. he's got some weird ideas. He'll most likely retire after this season.. Sollied might take over after he's finished his contract with Brugge, but that's not untill the summer 2003.. dunno what will happen untill then.
i hope that someone thats coaching in norway gets the rosenborg gig when eggen retires. we have so few coaches abroad, we need more, not fewer coaches outside of norway
Some months ago I wanted Eggen to be the coach of Norway's national team. I think I change my opinion about that..:(
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