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Yes I thnik he is, he signed free for them but wasn't good enough for serie A.

Eddy Baggios carrer:

91/92: Fiorentina 0 apps 0 goals
92/93: Fiorentina 0 apps 0 goals
93/94: Fiorentina 0 apps 0 goals
93/94: Prato (??) 27 apps 6 goals
94/95: Prato 6 apps 0 goals
95/96: Giorgione 23 apps 7 goals
96/97: Giorgione 33 apps 12 goals
97/98: Giorgione 33 apps 13 goals
98/99: Ancona 32 apps 11 goals
99/00: Ascoli ?? apps ?? goals
Total: 154 apps 49 goals

I thnik he was never sold from Fiorentina, but maybe his contract went out??

Thanks to http://www.pro-paul.net\baggio for the stats

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by Riccardo Burgalassi

ROBERTO BAGGIO'S brother, Edy has walked into a storm of controversy at Ancona having been transferred from bitter rivals Ascoli for a fee of £800,000 last week.

On Saturday, Edy faced his new side's supporters and was met by a fiery reception. The local rivals place a great deal of importance on their derbies and the younger brother of Roberto (pictured) was the best player for Ascoli last season in the Serie C Championship.

He virtually won the play-off final match with Ancona single-handedly only to be thwarted at the death.

Ancona won the match 2-1 and were promoted to Serie B, although their supporters would prefer to remember Edy as an Ascoli player and do not want to see him in the red and white of Ancona.

The 26-year-old was shocked by the reaction of the fans and after a fiery meeting, Edy said: "If Ancona supporters don't want me I could leave Ancona soon."
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