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ECC: Lyon 2-2 Fiorentina (Gilardino [2])

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A Hard match, Fiorentina's long awaited CL Comeback starts against Lyon.

After Losing last match against Napoli, Fiorentina's Morale are down.though they have to prove they're worthy of the CL

expected line-ups?

Match predictions?

Best Player?
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I´ve seen the highlights.

Big mistake by the ref; he should stop the game when Lyon had the ball in midfield just before the goal.
si si, pero salvo quiera especular con su caida..si le duele en serio? te sacas solito de la cancha, no te quedas como un pelotudo 2 horas sin moverte afuera estando a dos cm de la linea...estuvo bastante pelotudo el de la Fiore mas alal que el arbitro se las dio de guapo e hizo seguir jugando...
Sí, pero fue un golpe en la cara creo (y le sustituyeron por ello). Quizás estaba aturdido o algo :tongue:
si pero juega en un equipo tano GICA, idem si fuera argento, brazuca, yorugua: es pecado capital...NO PODES SER TAAAAAN BOLUDO!! salvo te quieras hacer el mas vivo de la cuadra y una vez te das cuenta la cagaste, te haces el mas dolorido del planeta..sacate solito de la cancha perejil!..Bilardo lo excomulga y lo exilia al bronx con un cartel que diga: "soy amigo de captain Totti aka Kelso"
I must admit that I love Bilardo :embarass:
con los años, se volvio muy gracioso y delirante, de futbol sabe mucho, pero cuando se pone mesianico o sucio es terrible!! yo lo odiaba de chico.

era capaz de cualkier ocsa, sobre todo en cuanto a alineaciones...el equipo que llevo al mundial del 90! era de risaa!!, ni a cannigia queria llevar! , un personaje...
I didn't see the goals and I don't want to see them!! according to the ones the watch the match, I totally blam the stupid ref, nothing more to say.

Thanks Gila and Thanks Fiorentina ^_^

Lyon >> Only Time will show you the truth :)
Zauri said he was has forgotten five minutes of action that were before the goal... if that isn't serious... However neither the referee nor the home coach saw it, bravi :thumbsup:

I'm proud of this team, we forced them to use unfair play to avoid losing, great job Prandelli, Gila and all the guys!
In the end, a draw is a good result... so at least you can take this forward and look to beat Bucharest. Winning there will start to put pressure on Lyon for sure. I hope you get the frogs out.
For the ones who said that a draw is a good result. NO it isn't!

We deserved to win this match and we had to but the ref was against us, we are not the type of fans who will blame the ref but this is the truth even Lyon know it but for sure they won't admit!

It isn't a good result for Fiorentina because we are much more better than a Stupid loser French club called Lyon.
We can talk 1 year if we want,but this cant change nothing!
No way Steaua will lose in Firenze :scream: You can think about beating Bayern.
I wonder if the players knew zauri was down.
Attacker showed with his hand that Zauri is down and they don't need to worry about offside and therefore Benzema used this good situation to arrange to scorer without any trouble as our defenders wasted more time for asking whistle than trying to solve problem.:confused:

Anyway, Lyon showed again that their defence sucks deeply therefore I'm sure that even Steaua is able to take points from those bastards.
jean alain boumsong hahah brilliant, makes you thankful for having kroldrup - somehow!
We can talk 1 year if we want,but this cant change nothing!
you are right so that lets feel proud of our team cause we are really special :)
Blog: French farce

The 2-2 draw at Lyon has left Fiorentina furious. Giancarlo Rinaldi asks whatever happened to fair play?

I had hoped that, as I got older, football would lose its power to make me angry. Every so often I think I might have mellowed. Then I go and watch a game like Lyon against Fiorentina in the Champions League.

It looked like a glorious return to the group stages for the Viola after Alberto Gilardino had given them a two-goal lead. They were under pressure on French soil, of course, but were coping with it admirably. Then disaster struck courtesy of the referee and Claude Puel’s players.

After a collision in the penalty box Luciano Zauri was left on the ground clutching his head. Instead of stopping the play, however, the man in black allowed proceedings to continue. This disaster was compounded by the fact that Lyon decided to play on too. With the prone Zauri playing everyone onside it was child’s play for them to pull a goal back.

Now, sometimes such behaviour can be excused if the players are unaware there is a man down. However, Lyon virtually played the ball over the top of the Florentine defender. Everyone was quite clear what was happening and it was well within their power to roll the ball out of play.

You could see that Fabio Grosso was embarrassed by his teammates’ actions in the post-match interview. He mumbled something about it being more common in France for teams to play on unless the referee blew his whistle. Nonetheless, he was more than a little sheepish about offering it as an excuse.

Of course, the Viola were naïve and showed their Champions League inexperience. They should have played to the whistle instead of trying to play an absurdly impossible offside trap. It was a lesson hard learned.

However, the point runs deeper than that. Fiorentina have an initiative called Viola Fair in which they are trying to encourage a sporting attitude from both their team and its fans. That must have been tested to breaking point on Wednesday night. And, on the evidence of this latest match anyway, there is no likelihood of a Lyon Fair initiative being launched any time soon.

says it all, should be proud of our fair play!
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Prandelli and Frey seem to take the controversy like the men they are. No complaining, no finger-pointing, no sour grapes.

Awesome class. Many people can learn from them.
also, i'm interested to hear if anyone has read comments/reactions from the Lyon side, manager or players, on the controversial goal.

so far i only read Piquionne regretting 2 drop points but nothing was said about his controversial goal.
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