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While I was over at the forums at bigsoccer.com I saw quite an interesting sugestion of a SuperLeague involing the best clubs from Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Russia...

what do you think about this?(ofcource it will probobly never happen)

really the only down-side to this would be REALLY[/] bad dometic leagues for Eastern Euro countrys(if the best clubs were to leave)...

I dont really like this idea too much, but it would improve status of Obilic, Partizan and Zvezda...

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I've heard about Atlantic league too that's in makes! Teams from Scotland, Ireland, Portugal and Netherlands would participate.

I think UEFA will recognize the problem that a lot of it's members are not satisfied with the current competition and re-adjust. Or, satelitte leagues are imminent, and that's cash out of UEFA's pockets!


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I think this idea is great, but there would never be found serious sponsors for this. But I would dream for a while. First of all you can compete with the croatians, and surely Partizan ( and probably you GROBAR_OTAGO) wants to pay back Dinamo (Croatia if you preffer).
Second we would (Levski) also will have the chance to play with you.
As a whole this league would increase the level of the football at the Balkans. But at Europe this game would also be better.
And one side question: Did Pazin really leave because he slapped Kezman?
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