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Dvoransko Prvenstvo 2008/2009

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The fourth edition of the indoor championships and this year it will be played in Zadar unlike the previous three times where the matches were played in Zagreb. The tournament starts tomorrow and it will conclude on January 11. The matches will be broadcatsed on HRT, but only on the weekend apparently.

Group A
Hajduk Split
Slaven Belupo
Croatia Sesvete

1. Kolo (6/1): Hajduk - Croatia, Cibalia - Rijeka, Sibenik - Slaven
2. Kolo (6/1): Hajduk - Cibalia, Croatia - Slaven, Rijeka - Sibenik
3. Kolo (6/1 & 8/1): Cibalia - Croatia (6/1), Sibenik - Hajduk, Slaven - Rijeka
4. Kolo (8/1): Cibalia - Sibenik, Croatia - Rijeka, Hajduk - Slaven
5. Kolo (8/1): Sibenik - Croatia, Slaven - Cibalia, Rijeka - Hajduk

Group B
Dinamo Zagreb
NK Zagreb
Varteks Varazdin
Inter Zapresic
NK Zadar

1. Kolo (7/1): Dinamo - Inter, Zadar - Varteks, Zagreb - Osijek
2. Kolo (7/1): Dinamo - Zadar, Inter - Osijek, Varteks - Zagreb
3. Kolo (7/1 & 9/1): Zadar - Inter (7/1), Zagreb - Dinamo, Osijek - Varteks
4. Kolo (9/1): Zadar - Zagreb, Inter - Varteks, Osijek - Dinamo
5. Kolo (9/1): Zagren - Inter, Osijek - Zadar, Varteks - Dinamo

On January 10, the top three of each group will play each other for the entire day. The top four then move on to the semi-finals which will be played the following day. The 3rd place match and finals will be played on Sunday January 11.

History of the tournament so far:
Winner: NK Zagreb
Best Player: Mario Mandzukic
Top Scorer: Bojan Vrucina

Winner: NK Zagreb
Best Player: Vedran Corluka
Top Scorer: Mario Mandzukic

Winner: Hajduk Split
Best Player: Senijad Ibricic
Top Scorer: Marin Tomasov
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Nice job by the bili today, can't wait to watch the matches over the weekend. A nice crowd as well, over 5,000!:thumbsup:
Are you ready to rumble!!!!!!! So far we've been unstoppable, the semis will be a different story though. BTW, read about some incidents during the matches today and even some hooligan activity outside the arena, time for thses thugs to grow up.:thmbdown:
Absolutely scary, was watching the match on balkaniyum with my dad and when he started to shake his legs we thought of the worst. Hopefully he'll be ok.
Undefeated! I'm not too sure you'll see that happen again in the near future.:thumbsup: Now on to the real thing. Naprid Bili!!!!!!!:scream:
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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