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Yesterday,PAOK's coach Dusan Bajevic hekld a press conference and said some pretty interesting stuff.Not what I wanted to hear but anyway...some quotes:

"We are not interested in Ketsbaia.Temuri is a great footballer and person but we dont need him since we have ebnough forwards.Besides,we are looking for younger players."

"Its true that we want Tsartas but we simply cant afford what Sevilla asks for him"

"We are interested in Tohouroglou.We'll definitely move for him if Olympiakos doesnt resign him" (by the way,he rejected Olympiakos new contract offer,that means he is free)

"We'll buy only three more players (Okkas and Egomitis already bought).However,it will be difficult to find the proper ones because we are searching for a play-maker,and its difficult to find good players at this position.We also want a central defender."

"I dont know which players will leave us.I know however,that we will learn who will leave after we buy.First buy,then sell/release" (common secret that Michopoulos,Frantzeskos,Marangos and Koulakiotis are out)

"Its true that some of the loaned players will join us.Three of them,maybe four." (the names are already known: midfielder Veljmir Ivanovic and defender Vagelis Nastos from Larissa,midfielder Dimitris Zavandias from Kavala and possibly defender Nikos Gogolos from Panionios)

"Szamotouszki is contantly improving,let him adapt and you will see.Ever since he first steped in Greece Gregorzs has been improving"

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
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