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I listened to a swedish radio show today and heard an interesting story from Fiorentinas former coach Sven Goran Eriksson. He was talking about his time in Florence and told the audience something very strange.

It was back in '88-89 when both Dunga and Apolloni played for Fiorentina in a very important game where Fiorentina had to win or something, and they lead and just wanted the time to elapse.
Dunga told the players to just shoot away the ball as far as possible or just give the ball to him.
It worked pretty well until Luigi Apolloni got the ball and started to dribble and eventually lost the ball to the opponent who, of course, scored.
Dunga got so mad and just walked of the field and down in the dressing room before the game was over. After a while Apolloni was substituted and went down in the dressing room.
The when the game was finally over Sven Goran got down in the dressing room where he found Apolloni unconcious on the floor. Dunga had punched Luigi right in the face!
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