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Dunga and Basile - what have you two done?

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It's incredible how badly Brazil and Argentina have been playing lately.

No ideas, no flair, no combinations, no short passes.. it's as if both teams totally lost their identity.

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I honestly don't understand why Brazil and Argentina fans are making such a fuss here. The quanification tournament itself is useless because the point of it is to get into the World Cup there's no way that those two teams will not qualify in the end. The South American qualifying is not as volatile as the European one because all the countries are in the same "group" so you can afford to be bad and still get through.

Back in 2002 Brazil barely made it to the World Cup, yet dominated everyone in the tournament. Argentina dominated everyone in the qualifications and yet failed to do anything at the Cup. That just shows that this tournament isn't very useful to access how good a team is.

SA qualification campaign is just a formality for Brazil and Argentina. It would be much more difficult for them to qualify in Europe where when you choke you're most likely out (or at least have to suffer through the nerve-wrecking playoff).
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