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Dunga and Basile - what have you two done?

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It's incredible how badly Brazil and Argentina have been playing lately.

No ideas, no flair, no combinations, no short passes.. it's as if both teams totally lost their identity.

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"If the qualifiers ended today, we'd be qualified for the World Cup!" - Elano after the 0-0 with Colombia.

Quote of the day. :howler:
You can not possibly be serious. This has got to be one of the dumbest things I ever read. :howler:
Why don't you think so?

The format itself, is the toughest. If it were split into two groups, with "seeds" like Argentina and Brazil "leading" each one; then it'd be more simple.

Plus the altitude factor for games in Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru...the S. American qualifiers are by no means easy. (which I'm sure that's not what you're saying, you're just disagreeing with the fact that it's the most difficult...)
1 - 2 of 50 Posts
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