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It seems the rumors were true, Bunjevcevic is going to Fiorentina and Dudic to Benfica..

I'm not happy about it, even though I think Bunjevcevic deserved it, he is 26 or 27, has done a lot for the club and should try to secure himself a nice future..
On the other hand, I am really mad because of Dudic leaving because he could have stayed and helped us in the CL.. :(
Still, Dzajic claims he has a replacement for every player that leaves so we will see.
The most likely replacements for these two could be Dzodic and Tanasijevic - still not bad.. :D :D
On the bright side (I'm trying really hard to find it..Hahhhaha), Zvezda has refused an offer from Oviedo so Pjanovic is most likely staying..even though I don't know who is going to play out of the three musketeers..Jelic, Drulic and Pjanovic.. :)

I think they have also chosen good clubs, where they might get a chance to play and show they are worth the money that has been payed for them...

And another thing, there is still a possibility Mihajlovic and Stankovic go to Fiorentina with Sven Ericsson...
Soo, that means we could have Bunjevcevic, Mijatovic, Stankovic and Mihajlovic all in one team... :D :D :D :D :D!!!!!

Oh, yes, and a piece of bad news.. :( :(
I couldn't be bothered opening a new topic so I'll say it here, Djordjevic from Olympiakos is injured and most likely won't be able to play in EURO.. :(

That is bad news about Djordevic :(
I am sort of pleased that Dudic and Bunjecevic are leaving but I do wish them both especially Dudic all the luck in the world because he could be a future star.

Me too. I'm wish both Dudic and Bunjecevic the best of luck in their new clubs. And also, that is very bad news about Dordjevic :(...

Anyway, on another note. I dont think we can expect 4 yugos in Fiorentina next season, because I doubt Lazio will sell the coach that got them the Italian Double and took them to the Champions League QF's. And if Sven doesnt go, I dont think Deki and Miha will either...
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