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Drulovic is on fire!!!!

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Ljubinko Drulovic has taken Euro 2000 by storm and produced yet another dazzling performance for Yugoslavia against Norway in Liege today.

Drulovic has had problems breaking into the Yugoslav team in the past, but it looks like he reaching his peak at international level. This is great news for us as it eases our left winger problems.

Drulovic looked like the man of the match in BOTH of his Euro 2000 games, scoring 1 against Slovenia and creating another. Today, he created, and arguably scored the Yugoslav's winning goal, but Savo Milosevic claimed it with the faintest of touches after a Drulovic free kick was swung into the far post.

Lets hope he's this red hot for the Champions League qualifiers in August! :)

Go Drulovic Go! You go girl!!! :mad:
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yeah he did play fantastic this Euro (forget the 6-1 debacle). Imagine if we sell Jardel and buy Savo Milosevic (I know wishful thinking)...we would clean house..Drulo to Savo...GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!
Yeah Drulovic is still my favourite player performing in Portugal.The truth is he doesn´t play very well in every match but when he does,oh boy he really does.I love to see that left foot,perfect passes and so great shoots.
The greatest who ever played in Gil Vicente,my little and poor Gil.
what about Capucho?

Drulovic should insure his toe cap for about half a million quid cos I just love it when he puts a cross in with the outside of his foot or a toe-punt!! It's just amazing! Nobody else can do at as well as him!

Drulovic picks up the ball, the Germans can't pick him up. He runs past one, than another, great run by Drulovic, He runs into the box, he's past the last defender! He's one on one with Kiraly! Drulovic with the outside of his foot.....GOLO!!!!!!!! GOLO!!!!!! PORTO 1 HERTHA 0!! WHAT A GOAL BY DRULOVIC!! :)

....and he gets a yellow card for his celebrations! :(
Now THAT WAS A GOAL 2 remember i just love those passes...
Yeah...Capucho...very nice player too,the best coming out from Barcelos,but i still prefer Drulo.
So it´s like Capucho-the best from Barcelos
Drulovic-the best from Gil V.

The truth is i don´t remember to see Capucho playing in Gil,i remember him in Sporting and Guimarães,but not in GV.He achieved the best performances in those teams and especially in Porto.

Anyway two pearls out there.
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