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Dowie's Selection

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I hate to sound like I'm critisising him as he's done a more than brilliant job but why havn't we seen more of Torghelle, Lakis and Kolkka lately. These are international players with experience we have available and yet he chooses Tom Soares to play left mid. :thmbdown:

I think Soares is good young player, lot's of energy about him, so I don't mind him playing cm where he can join with attacks through the middle, and he can also play on the right, but I've never seen him effective on left.

The reserves put in a good game on Wednesday, beating Portsmouth Res
8-0, Ventola got one after nice lob, was subbed h/t, apparantly a little rusty still fitness wise, although looked class throughout. Torghelle scored hatrick, set up a couple as well. Dowie was there so let's hope he makes changes - I don't know why Andrews was on the bench against Boro either.
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Wow, a new Palace fan :dazed: Welcome;)

Regarding team selection, I agree with what you're saying.Soares has shown promise when he's played in the middle but Kolkka has to play on the left. I'd drop Wayne too and give Lakis a run.

What would you think to starting AJ on the left with Torghelle up front? It sounds crazy ,but if you look at the goals he has scored from open play a lot come from that left hand channel.
As for Ventola,miles off match fit but I'd much rather see him on the bench than Andrews too
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