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Double for Maccabi Haifa, says Benyoun????

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In his statement that was made early Wednesday when Yossi Benyoun came back from spain. He stated that he wants to make a DOUBLE CUP for Maccabi Haifa before he says farewell to them!

Do any Hapoel Tel Aviv Fans see this as a sort of threat? after all, they wasted a chance in Milan and now might be questioned to go home empty handed after all they've done! :D

Whats your opinion?
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Haifa weren't in great shape all season but they got in form JUST IN TIME!! When everyone spoke and flatterred Hapoel's success in Europe Haifa started to tear the league apart! They scored 5 goals in each and every one of their last 5 games.
It doesn't matter how many games... Maccabi Haifa are sharks and are looking for prowlers! :) you will see a lot of more of maccabi in the end :( and maybe they will succeed! :) Who knows!

I see the only match for Maccabi is Maccabi Tel aviv and they simply fallen! Something went wrong for Hapoel, since UEFA, so maybe there is some potential for teams like Ashdod and Hap. Petach Tikva to compete in the finals?? :D
Wining state cup and Israeli cup at the same time! :)
I think that even mathematically and theoritically, NONE of the teams to save Hapoel have the slighest chance to close the gap on Haifa. As for the State Cup everything is possible but Ashdod are out of the cup.
True........ :)

So who is still in the State Cup? :)

Is Beitar still in it??

Was there an year that a team won the state cup and were relegated??? Or we're in a lower division???

Or is this a renezvous for only top leauge teams!
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State Cup and Israeli Cup are the exact same thing...
Israeli State Cup is the Israeli Cup, the other competition is the league and you get a championship plate for winning it, not a Cup.
It seems that Kappa will never understand it...
I tell you, i go by statistics!
Fine, but State Cup and Israeli Cup are still the same thing...
Ok, so wait here......

You say that the State cup & Israeli CUp are the same thing, which is the team who clinches first devision sport, right? and you don't have to play 2nd best team to get it?

But now, what do you call the Cup where you have all 3 major divisions playing 1 and trying to win the cup?? Its like the English F.A Cup?? Whats that called? and....

last year, wasn't it Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv in the finals, that game that put Soccer Violence on Israeli map! :D
You are dumb aren't you?

The championship if the first place in the league, not the cup.

The State Cup (or Israeli Cup) is where ALL divisions (not just top 3) play to win it.

There is no final for the championships. The game between Maccabi Haifa and MACCABI Tel Aviv (not Hapoel), where the incident occured was just in the final round of league. Haifa won the chmpionship 3 rounds earlier!
:depress: :depress:

Okay, thats good coming from someone who never really lived in israel since 1990!!!

no! Im talking about me, bungle breath from vermont!

you came to Vermont (hehehehehe) at a late age, unlike me! :) so you know a thing or two! So stop the haisting and maisting! :D
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