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The second meeting of Dope Testing in Brazilian Football will be held between Wednesday 12 July, to Saturday, 15 July, in Granja Comary, Teresopolis

The main objective of the event is to educate athletes in relation to the measures and care that they should take to maintain their health and performance – the fundamental role that control of doping has in this process.

The event is sponsored by the National Committee that deals with the issue within the CBF. Regional committee co-ordinators of will draw up a report on the main problems and provide an evaluation of the experience acquired over the last two years in Brazil, particularly with respect to urine samples and laboratory testing.

A general document will be approved after the meeting that will serve as a protocol for procedure and a guide for the control of doping, and which should be used by all the professionals involved in the process.

On 13 July, participants will discuss the main problems encountered in sample collections and put forward their proposals for modifications, the objective of which is to unify procedures.

One of the most controversial items is on the agenda on 14 July and one that has been widely discussed by both specialists and amateurs: the effects of alcohol, its implications on doping and the risks associated with prepared natural products and energisers.
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