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Seems to me Spanish arrogance is sky high after you got 3 teams into the champions league semis, especially after reading your 'views' in the Man utd forum (though as a Liverpool fan, they were quite funny). You can only say you have the best league in Europe if you consistently win European trophies which you haven't been doing over the last 5-10 years. Though you've done well this year, i think its a one off fluke and Italian teams will dominate again next year.
Anyway, lets see how Spain do in Euro 2000 before we make any judgements as to whether Spanish football is the best in Europe. ;)

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Guess so, but the victory REAL-ly was nice :) Anyway the discussion about the leagues has been going on so long and with so little positive results I find it rather needless to start it all over again. You may of course surf the old posts and find our opinions there... ;)

But I'm actually interested what are all Real's fans opinions on Spain's EURO 2000 squad. Who from real should be included? Guti or Helguera? Should Raul play up front with Mori or does he pair up with someone else, like Salva or Alfonso\?
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