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Dont get me wrong - " sell PIPPO !!! "

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he played like crap in Perugia - Juve match. I think you should sell him emidiately !!!
He didnt score nothing lately !! Get rid of him !!!

1.) Lazio 72
2.) Juve 71
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I am a laziofan, and i too want juve to sell Pippo.not because he is bad, because he is GOOD!!!.
I agree, he hasn´t played very well lately, but he is still a good player.
Many fans said the same about Svennis when Lazio had a bad period and look how it turned out in the end.

So please Juve, sell Pippo. Maybe Lazio can buy him?
oh... Senrav, I think you are the first and the only one Laziale who likes Pippo and think that he is a great player. I am really happy to hear that. Even a Juventino don't like him ... It's too bad :-(

Forza JUVE !!!
I dont want him in Lazio! :(

Not quite true, javie... I like Pippo as well! He's certainly not the greatest player I've ever seen, but still he's pretty good! :)

Selling a player just because he hasn't been doing well lately is absurd! If Lazio would have sold all the players whom have had a bad period this season, we wouldn't have much players left right now!
Besides, a season demands the utmost of players. No wonder they don't always play well! They're human beings, not machines.

Pippo's certainly not the only one to blame for what happened last Sunday... It takes 11 players to win, to draw.....or to lose!


Even the greatest player in the world can have bad periods sometime....
Sure it's easy to say if player played bad then we should sell him, If someone played well we should keep/buy him.
But that is not a point ... Sell and buy too much player is not a good solution ... Inter did that and never work until now.
The reason to keep Inzaghi is simple ... He understand how Juve play ... DP&ZZ know what kind of pass he like,where he will move most likely etc. etc. , Sure Kovacevic is a good forward but he tends to stop Juventus attacking scheme because he didn't know where to pass. Give him some time he will understand ...
I don't really like Inzaghi ... (Its kindda frustating too see our forwards seldom win in air) ... But Inzaghi were there when we need the goal, Some of them is very precious goal (Against MU,Inter,Lazio,Roma,etc.), So we should keep him if he intent to stay at Juve (Or if he doesn't we should sell him for nice cash and buy Totti ^_^)

Forza Bianconerro
ALthough Inzaghi did scored important goals for Juve, it's a fact tht he lacks of skills and is physically weak. He collaspes numerous times, couldn't hold onto balls, and couldn't make good passes.
Just like one of the Juventini said, we have had enough of cursing @ the tv set.
Do the tv a flavour....
sell him.

sensible people do senseless things
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