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Can`t belive what I`m reading.

The most of them who wright somethink here think that we would be better without Totti.
Think "we" should sell Nakata. He shouldn`t be in Roma in the first plays. Then we are without the trouble TOTTI OR NAKATA.

Don`t forget that Totti is true Roman and the biggest profil for our team. We should thank him for all he have done for us and...


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People who hate Totti are just player haters who are jealous of his good looks and brillant skills. This man is the future of any club that will treat him right, including Roma and Nazionale. He must be paid and respected like the superstar he is. If Roma will not provide him with due justice, there are many other clubs in the world that will. Italia - do not mistreat your superstars like Baggio and Totti just because they are individuals.!!!
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