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The thing with this time of the year is that transfer talk is never 100%. There is much bargaining being done behind the scenes.

Peggy is a perfect example. The man wants to play for us and he is free on a Bosman, but is he being used to put pressure on the price of Espen Johnson - possibly.

Domi another - whilst being a good player and would be a good acquisition, are we really after him, or is Houllier using this speculation for other means.

What I mean is we can't be certain until the signings have been made.

As regards Mcallister - I read this as
1: We need an experienced midfielder
2: We are not in the CL.
3: We will be in it next year (supposedly)
4: We apparently want Mcallister for a year
5: ZZ apparently wants to stay at Juve for another year.

Then again it could be complete bollox.

The only thing I do know is that we are definitely after somebody in the Spanish league, but I've heard rumours that Man U are after the same person.

So we seem to be leading the race for domi and that peggy is in the bag. Do you think that these will be good for liverpool and who else should we get.

Have you heard any more on Macalliter, karembru, Lizarazu etc


Peter (a.k.a Bill)

i just read we are very much involved in the chase for didier domi together with ACmilan..
so there will be stiff competition...

i think he would be a gd acquisition...if his price doesn't begin to be inflated!

so M- who's the spanish guy we're after!??
robinson had said a few wks back that sergi is "almost in the bag"
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