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Does LAZIO need new coach.

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he's not only well experienced but also very creative. erikson is one of my favourite coach. not many coach like him, have a good vision about game. take a look at his tactic, it would be changed in every games head depends on his oponents. he's not like some other coach who thinks his prefered tactic is the only way to beat the oponents.
i admire him with his always new strategy, like 3-6-1, 4-4-2, 3-4-1-2 or 3-5-1-1

i always hope that he wants to move to milan
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I think SVEN GORAN is not right man for Lazio.
What others think about thet.
I think Sven Göran Eriksson SUXX big time !! He don't know how to do good team ... Just look the game against Valencia (one striker ???) and Veron was a striker and salas came in in 70 minute... He's BAD !!!
Erikson does not suck as his record shows. He is experienced and still may win you the crown. It's not his fault that the great individuals you have act like they don't know each other some times.
I wonder what you guys/girls would say about him IF Lazio would crash Perugia this afternoon!!! ;)
I'm certainly not his biggest fan either, but the least thing you can do, is show him some respect! Above all, he IS a part of our beloved Lazio!

Lazio esisti solo tu!

haven«t we had this discussion before? Oh yes, about a million times before!
He is the right man for Lazio as long as he wins. And that goes for not only Lazio but ALL clubs in Italy. As long as the coach wins then he is the right man for the jobb, now wouldn«t u agree?

LAZIO for ever!
I agree Erikkson is technically a very good coach but as I said before he seems too distant from the players (as Salas with Salas at Chelsea).I think Gianluca Vialli at Chelsea is perfect for Lazio.He rotates his system continually and although the players dont always agree with this they accept it.Look at the players he has.Roberto De Matteo is still happy there after being left out for half of this season.Of course he would still require his coaching batch back in Italy.
Let us look at the other so called superstar coaches.

Lippi - With the best squad propably in the whole world he has achived nada. Inter looses against everthing that moves.

Cappello - Roma has a great team but still their results so far are extremely disappointing.

Trappatoni - No comment

Vialli - Look at the premier league table and you will find Chelsea very far away from MAn U.

Eriksson has performed real well so far but of course it could have been better
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to SSLAZIO11. listen to me jerk, eriksson not sUCK but you are suCCKKK, okay, who do you think you are, i think you are a little looser who live in this earth with nick name SSLAZIO11.

Another boring Topic!!!
Why don't you just sit in front of the television and watch Lazio play, and you'll know who is behind all of that.

Forza Lazio
to laziondo17:
i am 17 y old (11 in my nick means MIHAJLOVIC) and I just LOVE lazio ! I have 7 shirts of them and two scarves ! So dont you tell me that I am not a lazio fan !?? 102 % IRRIDUCIBILI LAZIO ! I love Lazio but I sometimes hate Eriksson because of his behavior ... He has the world best players and he doesn't know how to use them right ! I hope he will do the right 11 for match against Valencia (3:0 ---> lazio will score it) ...
Lazio Lazio la la la Juve merda

Lazio doesn't need a new trainer

Lazio is very good, okey, sometimes they loose, but, it's necessary
I thik Eriksson does a great job.He is under a lot of pressure and I dont think that any other coach could run things better than he does.
In sweden we say it like this:
"Svennis e kung !"

Mrs Nesta
Sven is a very good coach. but if Lazio MUST replace him, i can give the shortlist of available coach:
-Mr Trapp
So what if lazio lost several times? That doesn't make eriksson a lousy coach, right?
I think Eriksson is WAY better than Lippi. Look what happens to Inter. They have some of the best players in the world, and they lost 3-0 to Udinese.
i agree with you menul, so the conclusion is lazio will beat inter in olimpico in italian cup final first leg, okay .....

i love lazio
If Eriksson can't give LAZIO any trophy this season, LAZIO must sign a new coach. If Eriksson sacked, Sacchi will be a very good replacement for him
i think sven should stay his the only coach that knows what to do and doesnt place a lot of pressure on his players the players respond to him well and we dont need to replace him we r just rissing and we need a bit of experince under our belt and if we just wait these trophies will come our way its not the coach that needs changing his brought us already 4 trophies to the club more then we ever had time is needed

VIVA LA LAZIO!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont think we need new coach.
We should instead be glad that we have such a professional/competent coach at our disposal.

We may not win the lo scudetto this year "I still hope" but we shown that we are, and are going to be a force to reckon with for a long time.

If Cragnotti decide to go with a new coach nex year, its not likely that Mr.Eriksson will have to wait long for an offer.

Many top teams have Mr.Eriksson as there Nr1 coach, Real Madrid has wanted Eriksson for many years now, and now Fiorentina's President Cecchi Gori wants Eriksson etc.

I know that if we dont win anything this year alot of you will blame it on our coach, and demanding a new one.
I admit that he have made some bad choices this year, but we dont expect our players to be flawless during the whole season - so why demand it of him.

But bear in mind what Lazio was like before Eriksson took over, and see at them now.

I must admit that Cragnottis cash have played a big part to, but you cant buy success - not in the long run.

Many of you blame Eriksson for Salas bad form, nothing could be more wrong.
Mr.Eriksson have given Salas many opportunitys to play and score for Lazio this season (perhaps to many ? ).

And what have he got in return from Salas, a thrown jersay and disrespect.
I like Salas alot, but that was going to far.
Im not a Salas hater, his a great striker (maybe not this year) and we should try to keep him. But he should come to terms with that he may be substituded if his not playing well.

This is only my opinion, and I respect yours.

Forza Lazio/Eriksson
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I couldn´t agree with you more Caesar. He is a great coach and I think he has proven that to us many times. Every coach get critiszed but in Erikssons case I think much of it is unfair, beacause he´s a much more laidback and calm coach than for example Capello, and that makes him more vulnerable for critisism.

That does not mean that he´s so good that he shouldn´t get critiszed, belive me I´m not a specially big fan about his 4-5-1 system
although it worked against Chelsea and Juve.

Forza Eriksson
Forza Lazio

P.s What you said about Salas is right although I don´t know if we should keep him
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