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hehe, you will laugh :)

but it comes because of that Ajax sucks this season!
The only good players, were definately Gronkær, and Laudrup.

Oh yeah, and Nikos Machlas was superb! HAHA!! ;)

But Winter is doing pretty good as controling midfielder in the national squad.

It all depends on how your teammates are playing aswell, you can carry a team, but not this season's Ajax.

Winter's vision and accurate passess and his ability to control the midfield make up serious lack of pace.

But even that was much benefited this season from Ajax, Winter used the ball effectively, but he just doesn't have it in him anymore to excel down the flank or run direct at the goal like Gronkjaer and Laudrup did, that's what made them stand-out.

Winter suffered heavily from Ajax's poor season, and was even dropped from the national side. He expressed his deep deep disappointed to Rijkaad, and possibly out of sympathy Rijkaard re-called the veteran, and because he a "useful" player to have in the team, Winter was still included for Euro 2000.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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