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Do you smell what Juve is cooking?

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Hey people this is my first posting so be gentle guys………………..

What the hell is Moggi doing? He says quote “there will be no more big signings for the moment”, what a queer and misleading thing to say especially among authentic claims Sol Campbell and Viscaino Montella are being openly pursued by Juve. The only rumor Moggi has confirmed is interest in Brazilian Athirson from Flamengo. Anyhow I think we could use with a few more big names especially in attack and midfield.

Let us be frank people, Juventus never looked good last year and were never dominating or impressive. Even though we lost the scudetto on the last day (I still have nightmares about that) we really didn’t deserve it, we should have wrapped up the title months before. The team didn’t reach the excellence level of former Bianconeri squads and nearly all the players struggled.
This is why I am adamant and hopeful that Moggi has one last trick up his sleeve and is able to sign a quality forward or midfielder before the season starts. You may think that Lazio has been too excessive in their spending but all the players they have bought are young, quality and talented individuals that will no doubt strengthen their team. It is not enough for Juve fans to sit down and hope that the Lazio players won’t play well together or will not perform as a unit just because they all have incredible individual talents. We cannot rely on Lazio crumbling or self-destructing because Cagnotti and Eriksson are too clever to let that happen. They have the money to spend and are not wasting their time.

There must be a little change, Conte is leaving soon enough, Zidane is not as young as he used to be, Del Piero hasn’t been the same since the injury and Esnaider doesn’t want to leave. All Juve’s problems were summed up last year in the UEFA Cup game against Celta Vigo, which they lost 4-0.

But I don’t think the club has to change drastically because we have the foundation of good players and the youth teams are becoming promising with new talent but this will bear fruit only in a few years time. We need only 1 or 2 more players to cement the midfield and get ride of the players that are not performing to standard.

This is when I come to the subject of Pippo Inzaghi. It seems he is not wanted by Moggi and does not fit into Carlo Ancelotti’s plans for next year, which to me is a pity. People (and maybe Inzaghi too) have forgotten how well he performed in the 1998/1999 season. He is a good striker with potential to become a great striker; all he needs is coaching and training. But Ancelotti doesn’t have the time to do it.

As for David Trezeguet, people think he is a waste of money just because he hasn’t played and made a name for himself in the Serie A already. We should give him a chance to prove himself and then judge. They can’t make the same mistake they did with Thierry Henry. Look at him now under Arsene Wenger he has flourished and developed into one of the best strikers in Europe for Arsenal.
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Juve doesn't need to waste anymore money on players, they have a great squad.

As for Pippo, Ancelotti has never liked him and it is no big surprise that he wants to get rid of him.

Ancelotti puts to much in the def. and forgets about the offence, it's a surprise that he likes Del Piero ( anyone remember how much he hated Zola ?? ).

I have heard rumors about Juve going for a 4-5-1 ( 4-3-3 ) solution next year with Trezeguet alone up front ( so don't worry he will get his chance ) .

The Juve attack will probably look like this next year:

-------------------Trezeguet ( Kovacevic ) ----------------

----O'neill--------------------------------Del piero----

No room for Inzaghi in other words. ( and tada , no top clubs in italy got use for Pippo, they all have their foreign strikers. )

But anyway don't worry Juve will do good next year and meet us ( Lazio ) in the CL final in Milano. ( wich they of course will lose ) :)
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Don't be so pessimistic, I think we're lookin reeeeaaal good! :cool:
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