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Do you agree with soccerbot's predictions for the season's finale?

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According to soccerbot this will happen in the next 2 and final rounds of Serie A

Juventus-Brescia 1

Inter-Piacenza 1

Roma-Chievo 1

Udinese-Juventus x

Lazio-Inter 1

Torino-Roma x

Predicted Final Table

Juventus 69

Inter 69

Roma 68

A playoff for the scudetto between Juventus and Inter is what soccerbot predicts, what do you think will happen?
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It would be pathetic if Juventus wins the scudetto because....
...Juventus were b!tchslapped by Arsenal and Deportivo...

Its just weird thinking of Juventus as Champions after seeing that.

Inter at least have the "World Class players", and Roma the "testicular fortitude" to make either of them more believeable than Juventus as Champions....
IF a play-off were to occur that involved Juventus and Inter; Juventus would win the play-off, you can be 100% sure of that because Inter has not beaten Juventus in years and because Inter being the team that was caught(just 3 weeks ago Inter were 6 points clear from Juventus) would be psycologically destroyed and emotionally wrecked while Juventus who was the team to catch Inter(after Juventus was 6 points behind Inter just 3 weeks ago) would be psycologically growned and emotionally stronger after coming from behind in the standings.
Juventus will win the next 2 games, their morale is sky high and Juve are unstoppable when that happens and coach Lippi knows what it feels to win scudetti with Juve, he's been there done that before :).

Inter will not win BOTH of the next 2 games because they are shoking and the noose is getting tighter and tighter and they are not used to be fighting for the scudetto until the last day of the season, they haven't done this in 13 years, that is fight for the scudetto on Week 34, plus their coach is the eternal loser Cuper, Cuper is the famous coach that has a special talent of losing finals, all of them, 3 in a row, this year he will lose his fourth consecutive final, the final game of the season:D

Juventus will make 6 points in the next 2 games.

Inter will make 3 or 4 points in the next 2 games.

Juventus has 65 points + 6 pts = 71 FINAL points

Inter has 66 points + 3 or 4 pts = 69 or 70 FINAL points
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